Monday, August 31, 2015

Week in Review - August 24, 2015 - August 30, 2015

P-day, Monday.  Today I was put in charge of planning p-day, and here in Huanuco, there isn't a whole lot that we can do that is fun.  So that is where your creativity really gets stretched.  

Catered Lunch?? Yum
This is a restaurant sign, but not sure if it was
from the catered lunch.
So, this week we set up a type of catering fort the zone of the 12 missionaries in the chapel, a member who has a restaurant, and the Mr. Pension for them agreed to cook a super lunch for all of us with dessert and deliver it and set it up.

Elder Holmes Homemade Monopoly
Then after our lunch, I had set up in the cultural hall as a Monopoly board, but changed all the properties and chance cards to be realistic with the places of the mission.  For example the cheapest properties were Huancavelica, and San Pedro de Cajas, and the most expensive was the house of the president, and the office of the mission.  The chance cards were hilarious, mostly because they applied to crazy things that go on here in our very interesting mission.

Tuesday  Today at 9-ish we left for Huancayo for the first meeting of District leaders in like 8 months. In all of that, I'm fine, because the travel is just disgusting. And we passed through with our car to Cerro de Pasco to pick up 2 more of the District leaders, then off to Huancayo.  I think in total there were (right now) like 30 districts of missionaries in the mission.  Basically in our meeting, we did questions and answers, paperwork for baptismal junk and what not.  We also discussed (and president did a practice) of how to deal and interview missionaries that are having difficulties with their companions or other issues.  I won't lie, president is hilarious when he does his practices with us.  He totally nailed the missionary who doesn't want to resolve his problems and just wants to call (the president) of course it wouldn't be a training if there weren't Hna. Hendersons Brownies. Hna Henderson also did a wonderful training that I have already incorporated twice in my area this week during trainings, that I had planned.  All in all, I really enjoyed and was able to use this training for a bunch of stuff we are doing in our areas.  

Oh ya.  In Huancayo we ate China Walk, and Popeye's Chicken. Yum Yum! and on the way home I ate my favorite pánchamanka that I have tasted here in the mission.  I think there are GPS coordinates in those photos so you can see where it was at.l....

Wednesday was a long trip home. Free Panchamanca.  Passed through Cerro de Pasco, and it snowed for like 2 minutes... Then Got home... A few elders were sick when I got back... And we finished the night having dinner with Bishop.  Khon Walk.  Yum Yum.  

Thursday!  Happy Birthday Mom!  Hope it was great!  I won't remind you how many years you have, but Just know that Dad is older ya!  Hahaha... 

Today somebody offered me weed because they thought I was tired from walking all over the place today, from the super up high section to the below section... So funny hahaha... Sent 2 names to the temple with a member that is still activating... Found an Israelita.... Had a few lessons, rained super bad for like 10 minutes.... And had a district meeting.  Super good day.  

Friday. Nothing. 

Saturday.  Family History, we sent two more names to the temple so that they can be sealed.   From these 4 names this week, they were just waiting for their sealing and stuff, because the person who sent them originally over  a year about could not do the ordinances for them... so... I sent them 4 to the temple.  The temple in Lima printed 2 of them, and we are waiting for permission for 2 more because they are more than 110 years... But there is progress!

Sunday  Woah. 
Started the morning off doing Home Teaching Visits with the members.  It was a really good morning.  Then church started half an hour late.. But this time it was because they changed the time and didn't tell ANYBODY.  ugh.  But today I was in charge of the 3rd hour.  I did a Home Teaching and visiting teaching  training with everybody... Woah.  I used Preach My Gospel, and everything.  And yup.  We did Practices.  They didn't like that part.  I had over 46 members doing How to begin teaching from Preach My Gospel.  I was never so proud before.  It was a great training if I don't say so.  There are photos, but I might have to upload them next week.

Love you all!  

Elder Holmes