Monday, August 10, 2015

Week in Review - Aug 3, 2015 - Aug 9, 2015

Metro Today!  I was beyond excited today with one thing in mind.  I found my BBQ Sauce in Metro today!  After 1 month of search, I have found it!  For informational purposes, they hid the BBQ Sauce in the corner of the Aisle, behind the chocolate fudge without any labels. Yup, I bought 2, 1 for today and 1 for when there are transfers and I am away from a metro.  They also had a deal on a Juice drink that is like my replacement for Sunny-D.  If I had bought 9 liters, I could get them all for a significantly reduced price. I originally bought it to share the price.  Well, I just about finished it all without help.  Guess I won't be splitting that price!  After metro we played a few games in the chapel like water balloon volleyball and after that we went to the one month street fair here in Huanuo.  My only goal was to find the churros that were there every week.  Much to your surprise, there weren't any, and I left sad and churroless.... Oh yea, and I got my hair cut today.  Yup, it got messed up.  Cut very short. Well, there went my routine to get it cut every 6 weeks, I need time for it to grow back...

Today was a pretty slow day.  Ran around like a crazy person helping one of our members work on his family history.  This guys story is a very interesting one at that.  When he was born, his mother died in childbirth, and because of memory ,and lack of information, he doesn't know one of the 2 last names his mom has (here in Latin' America , everyone has 2 last names) The reason we cannot get this information is because he would have to go to his birth city of Trujillo to pick it up.  That is something he just doesn't have planned right now.  I was able to locate a few of his aunts in FamilySearch, but his mom doesn't show up yet, because this batch of indexing isn't finished yet.

Parts a and b are finished, but there still have to finish c,d,e,f,g for the time period of 50 years that we are searching in this city alone.  I know the information is there, the only question is in what part is it hiding. And so the search continues.  Today we also had a lesson with one of our reactivating less actives. I just love using the super cheesy seminary videos down here with the people.  And the seem to love them too, so that's ok.  We taught about Godly sorrow in part of her path to true repentance, of a few items she really needs to resolve.

Well this day was poop.  We had one lesson, but he was a cool guy, and we might be able to teach his family next week.  He has all of the good questions and has an interest to listen to us.  I will tel you , one of the hardest things here in the mission is to find new investigators.  From our training we had from Elder Waddell and President Henderson, they heavily emphasized the need we have to find more guys to teach.  We should never contact girls, or anything like that with all the problems that could ensue.  If there are sister missionaries in our wards contact and send the info. So, I can tell you, in obedience to this rule, our numbers are not as high as they could be... But in some form we will be blessed to find new investigators. This week we found 4 new investigators and everyone was a guy! Do you know how hard that part is? Agg,,,

Dentist Trip!  So, my companion a while back broke a rubber cement part of one of his front teeth eating rice, and after a few hours of waiting in the dentist office, we got in and finished in less then 5 minutes.  Ain't that the truth.  Ugh.... Outside of that we had a few contacts and lessons in the plaza in our area... If anything they were good practice for us. Nothing much more happened for today.  At the end of the day we went to the chapel to clean it all out in preparation for the multi-zone conference on Friday.  We mopped the whole 1st floor cleaned the bathrooms, and mirrors, woo. That was a mess.

Then I went to all the bathrooms and found out that out of the 45 sets of bathrooms there wasn't any TP or Paper Towels.  Yup, just forget for a moment, that tomorrow 60 some odd missionaries, president and his wife, and about 5 hours of a training without TP.  Yup, placed a few calls and found someone who can come on Friday morning and fill all the bathrooms up.  All of these supplies are locked up with a special key so that nobody steals it.  Ugh... but eventually we did get it all ready.  As we were finishing, bumped into president after he left a stake meeting.  Oh no!  He caught us red handed!  Hahaha.,. Told him it is best he uses the bathroom in the hotel.  Hahaha

Friday. Chapel loaded with TP.  Check. Paper Towels, Check. Hna. Hendersons Brownies?  Check. Ok, now we can officially start the Multi Zone.  It was a very good multi-zone and might I add the first one where I didn't direct the music.  It was odd to just sing and enjoy it from below.  After the training finished, took some photos, and found my trainer, and we took some more photos.

A three Generation Photo should be in there.  Outside of having to stay afterwards to guard the building for 2 hours because nobody in Huanuco had keys, we had lunch at like 3 pm. Restaurant food.  it was super delicious....
On the right, that is Elder Holmes, notice the SHORT haircut!!
Not much to report form today.  Normal stuff, contacting, teaching bit.  Nothing special today.

Woah.  I didn't have a talk today, or a teaching assignment.  1st time in like more then 3 months.  I didn't get to used to it though, but i did enjoy it.  Ward council went really well.

I bought a bunch of cheap little marshmallow chocolates, and all the members who showed up on time and fulfilled their assignments received chocolate. And I can tell you that they were very happy! What more can I do for you today!  Hahahaha... There were a few that received more then 1 chocolate.  I also am helping them plan our booth for the family history fair at he the end of the month. Should be a good show!

Also, today for the fist time in the mission, I was able to do 2 home teaching visits with the members! I feel very good about that today. I won't lie, I was super tired after today, and we also helped as a messenger boys for a doctor who is our less active, and was doing free emergency response for a member in another ward. But of course, when we get to the pension, the day doesn't end. More things to help out with there, then we get home.  Do the weekly numbers, go upstairs and collect our laundry, and her computer had a blue screen of death... The day never really ended.  I slept really well when I did get there...

All in all, this was my week.  I hope that all is going well at home...  Oh yea, I don't want to sound trunky... but If I did the math on the Transfers Correctly, I should be finishing the Mission on August 10th 2016.... What day is today?  IF I AM RIGHT.... I will be home One Year from Today. WOAH!!!!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru