Monday, May 25, 2015

Week in Review - May 18, 2015 - May 24, 2015

Elder Holmes finally has hot running water, but read how
he did it and how the hot water works. Yikes!!
Area 3 New Transfer

Ok!  Hello all from Huanuco!  I will start out first by clearing some things up.  I am back in Huanuco yes, but I am NOT in the same area that I was before.  There are almost 70 missionaries here in Huanuco, and so naturally I am in another Zone, and another area.  I am in the Colonial Ward in the Stake Amarilis.  

Not a bunch of new stuff to report this week, I have started up the new activities like English Class, Mission Night, And Sports Night.... They will go into affect starting Saturday.  I have already printed 300 invitations, and more are on the way.

We are in a room with 4 missionaries and one bathroom.  Yup, they broke the heater appliance that is attached to the shower... It was broken for a month.  I get here, and I froze.  I wasn't going to live with this for a few more transfers. I fixed it for the equivalent of 25 American cents... We now have hot water, but it is a sketch appliance... Note, the photo is real, and this is a real hookup and this is normal.  All I did was fix the pipe and put a support strut so it doesn't fall off weight again.... [Elder Holmes takes after his dad, just call him MacGyver!!]

As far as New stuff, there really isn't anything, I'm getting used to the new pensionista, new room, everything is new... I will try to send more photos next week!  This keyboard is crap!  

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Colonial
Area 3

[PS: This is Elder Holmes mom. I was able to find out where he goes to get on the Internet. He said that there are internet rooms all over Peru, it's like a cyber cafe without the cafe. There are like 20 computers where he was at today.]

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week in Review - May 11, 2015 - May 17, 2015

Last day in Satipo - The Jungle (Saturday) before his transfer

Guess where I am? In the best climate of the world? Well..that's what they say...I had emergency transfers...I'm in Huanuco! [This was his first area but a different ward.] And...I'm District Leader now...

So, a bunch happened this week.  A hop, skip, and a jump through a few messy remains of a landslide, and I change from Satipo, to Huanuco!  Yes, I have returned to my land of Huanuco, but now I am in the Ward, Colonial. And, a few things have changed too.  I am now the District Leader for this little section of Huanuco.  Ok, that was a surprise to me!  

Very proud of the water tank he was able to get

And with that, I also had to say goodbye to a bunch of friends that I have made in Satipo, almost 6 months there... Woah... I knew every nook and cranny of Satipo, where are the cool people, the weirdos, the people that like to mess with us, and the people we can mess with.  The Best Ice Creams, and where are all the waterfalls.  Now, I am here in Huanuco, and all we have is the hike to the Cross that I have already done 3 times, and Kotosh... I did that twice also.  Time to invent new things to do! But, I am beyond excited for this adventure!

Sorry, my letter is a bit short this week, finally I have internet normal, and I need to download some stuff from the church.  I promise that the following week will be bigger and better, but just know that all is well, I'm here in Huanuco, in Ward Colonial, and am keeping myself very busy!  

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru

Arturo Fuero and his Moto Taxi - Elder Holmes Transportation

P.S. Arturo Fuero and his Moto Taxi... I had him collect me and take me to the Taxi Station, as he was my first taxi in Satipo, and that is how we found him and baptized his family... because he was my first taxi.. so, we decided it would be awesome if he was my last one as well.....

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week in Review - 4 May 2015 - 10 May 2015

So, a bunch of stuff happened this week, some that was in Skype, and some that wasn't...

We had transfers!  The two sisters went their separate ways, Hna. Pulice went to Cerro de Pasco, while Hna. Goyzueta went to Ambo, in Huanuco.  There are no more sisters here in Satipo, and we received 2 more Elders, so we are staying at 6 missionaries here in Satipo, in this ward.  I'm still here, which means that if there isn't any emergency transfers, I will be here for 6 months, and pass my birthday here!  

Cinco de Mayo food party with tacos - notice the Inca Kola
We had a 5 de Mayo Mexican food party here, but we had it on the 4th of May, because of transfers, so that was all goofed up. Taco Bell Seasoning mix from Hna. Goyzueta, and a few tortillas later and we had tacos!  Love it!  And yes, there is lettuce in these photos, but it is OK!  I spoke with Hna. Henderson, and she taught us how to prepare Lettuce and clean it, as long as WE do it, and the Pensionistas don't.  So, we did, because tacos aren't tacos without lettuce. 
Elder Holmes taco. Doesn't that homemade tortilla look good?
Then, we come to the fun part.  We didn't have P-Day on this last Monday because out P-Day was scheduled to be after transfers to go to La Merced for our Multi Zone P-Day and also Stake Conference conveniently there at the same weekend. So, on Friday, off we went... La Merced in the morning, but in route, the Taxi Driver told us he couldn't take us, that the Government was holding the Bridge Ipoki hostage, and that if anybody wanted to pass they would need 4000 soles.  Well that only is the fact if they don't have identification. 
Zone Conference in La Merced
Well, its nice to know that none of the businesses that are here as a taxi service have this identification that the government wants because nobody wanted to take us!  So, after a nice little trip to a convee [We asked Elder Holmes what a convee is. He told us if a MotoTaxi is not available, they take the convee. It is like a van that carries about 15-20 people. But they shove in about 40 people. He also told us that it smells of 40 people. He said it is pretty bad.], terminal, we had an hour trip in a convee... Nuff said there, until we got to Pichinaki. 

Then we went from there to La Merced using a Taxi. Ahhh.. We could breath again!  I think there were about 40 people in this machine that should've only had like 15 or 20 max.  But this trip wouldn't be complete without a landslide!  The same landslide that happened on the last transfer, they were still cleaning it up, and we had to wait for them to make a passage for us to come through.... Anyways... we get to La Merced... Check into our Hotel, then we meet the other missionaries and they say that our P-Day is in Pichinaki.. So, off we go again to return to Pichinaki!  Ahhh!!!   Then after that, we go back to La Merced. Stay the Night, and have our conference in the Morning...  The conference was great, and I have attached some photos of all the missionaries there in this area, there are 3 zones of missionaries here so, we got together, had our conference, and then watched Meet the Mormons, which was awesome, as it was the first time I had seen it. 

Zone Conference in La Merced

Zone Conference in La Merced
Now... We finished our time in La Merced right? Off to Satipo again!  But on Sunday morning, bright and early, we travel back to La Merced (A 2 hour travel) to do our Stake Conference!  Then we have stake Conference (with Elder Godoy of the 70) and have to travel back home again! I'm pooped!  No More traveling!  I'm done!

All in all, this was a jam packed week.. Also, had the opportunity to call home which was great, and I'm sure that my mom will fill everyone in on that...

Hope all is great at home!  Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru

[Hello all, this is Elder Holmes mom... I am going to post some fun pictures that Elder Holmes sent the family. We hope you enjoy them.
Peruvian Pancake Maker
One thing you need to know about Elder Holmes, he loves to cook. At home, he has a donut machine, looks like the one above, but for donuts. So he couldn't resist this pancake maker. How funny. He also loves SYRUP. That is an understatement. But they don't have syrup in Peru. So they top it with butter and jam. 
The end result of the pancake maker
Peruvian Twinkie... Filled with Manjar.  It is SO DELICIOUS.  Like a cinnamon roll.
Pepe Lucho... Its like the Rodents of Unusual
Size from Princess Bride.
They do exist!
Pepe Lucho, on his throne.. Its a real animal. 

Photos of us as a zone and district... there are a few photo 
bombers in the ones in front of the waterfall...

On Mother's Day we were able to talk to Elder Holmes with Skype for about 1 hour. It was a great call. He spoke to us in Spanish (which he did very well) and Quechuan, which is a Inca tribal language. He just knows phrases. He is also staying in Satipo, Peru, the jungle for another 6 weeks. One of his main responsibilities is that he teaches English classes. His mission president is so impressed by the attendance of his classes, (about 20-25 show up) that each time he is transfered to a new area, he is going to start up English classes which will continue to serve the area. He uses his solar panels each day and only drinks the water when he visits a waterfall and fills up his UV filters. 

Elder Holmes on Skype
He also told us how in Peru, they really don't have laws and if they do, they aren't enforced at all. The people in Peru do not pay taxes, so if a bridge needs repair, it can take several years to have that completed. He also mentioned that the food in Peru is not spicy at all, which is surprising. 

Jill Holmes - Elder Holmes mom

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week in Review - Apr 27, 2015 - May 3, 2015

Remember a few weeks ago Elder Holmes had to go and retrieve
a water tank? And he talked about this suspension bridge that he
had to go over? This is the bridge where he took that water tank,
while it was pouring down rain. I can't imagine.
Oh wow... Last week in this transfer!  We have transfers in the last week we have been doing everything like we would normally, but also we know that there are transfers... And most likely I am one of the missionaries in Satipo to leave, because I have the most time here of everybody. This week I won't do a break down of everyday, but more of what kind of stuff happened this week.

Ok, so one of the days we taught a super old guy, who frankly is working on his passport out of this world.... He is basically doing the deathbed repentance right now, and I cannot find much of me to find sympathy for him.  He wants to listen to us because he knows he needs to, but still cannot find it in himself to do what is necessary to complete a few things.  He will be one of the people in the spirit world waiting to be taught, and waiting for family to complete his baptism for him, if he doesn't get his act together here soon....  And that will not be a fun wait in the Spirit world...

Taught my English Class like I normally do, and as I love, there were about 25 people there, a good sized class to do what we wanted to!  It is just my hope that after we have the transfers that there will still be English Classes here, as there are many many people, investigators, less actives, and more that all attend here to practice their English.  I love it!  I will always love teaching English Class!

If you look really close you can see their machetes.

Other thing of mention is that we went and did service in the Farm of my Pensionista... Yup. We used Machetes to cut the grass that was about 3 feet tall.  Weed whackers exist here, but most people just use machetes... So, that is what we used.  A blister later, and we finished out work.  

Work completed
Also, later on in the week was Labor Day in Peru!  Nobody was working, they were all wasted or something... But surprisingly no Beer Parties for 3 days... maybe they will do that later... So, what we did is that my Pensionista cooked Pachamanca in the Earth for us. Look it up, [Click here] or look at the photos.. Yucca, Potatoes, Yams, Chicken, Beans, a bunch of food... all cooked in the Earth..  It was super yummy, super filling, and a day later, I was super sick.  I kinda still am lingering, and MOM I am telling you this in confidence (keep this in the letter for other moms to read) but I threw up once at home, and another time in the street.  I totally don't feel bad anymore when I through up in the street.. hahaha....

Hopefully today we are planning our 5 de mayo party... yes, we know that today is the 4th, but there are transfers and we might not be able to do it tomorrow... So, hopefully there are photos the following week!

Can't wait to see you all, and talk to you on Skype!  Still don't know if it is Saturday or Sunday, but I will do my best!  [The missionaries get to call or Skype home two times a year, once on Christmas and the other on Mother's Day. Elder Holmes and myself emailed back and forth while he was online and since he may be transfered this week, he doesn't know where he will be or what will be available. So we are staying home this weekend and will wait for his call either Saturday or Sunday. Nobody call us. lol - text only as we wait to hear from him. Very exciting. I will keep you posted in future post and maybe post a video of Elder Holmes.]

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru