Monday, July 11, 2016

Week in Review - July 3, 2016 - July 9, 2016

I don't know what to write!  This last week has been one interesting week that followed a very interesting week in the mission.  President Silva is getting comfortable where he is, and is taking charge on many different things.  This last week we had a Mission Leaders Meeting in which all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders came to the mission office and had our usual (ward council) type of meeting.  This is a monthly meeting that we always have, but this time was a bit different because it was President and Sister Silva's first one.  

It has been somewhat interesting in these last few weeks, as I have been helping President Silva with things I thought I would never be doing.  i.e. Helping coordinate an early release for a missionary, explaining District (Small Stake) business, missionary applications for Tarma, General Mission and Office Rules and Regulations, Local Laws, etc... Its been a hoot!  There have been some times on some serious matters where I have just told President Silva that it needs to be like this, or like that, and he would just look at me and go... Elder Holmes, I have no choice but to trust you!  Im still not quite sure!....... Truth be told though, he is getting a grip on this pretty well, and pretty fast.  Just a matter of time.  

I am attaching below a photo of the latest in the Immigrations Offices in Lima.  Yes, that is Christian Sulcaray fighting to get President Henderson and Sister Henderson home.  After a successful trip to Cusco the Henderson's have plans to come home TODAY(Saturday) but still had some immigration paperwork to work on.  Well, Perú (who has been voted as the most advanced passport for South America Bar None) had a problem with their Immigration system making everyone in the last 3 months who ordered this new SOTA Electronic Passport, pick them up.  All on the same day, at the same time.  Approximately 3000 residents flooded the Immigrations offices in Lima on Friday (The day the Henderson's need to go there for their own paperwork.)  What does Perú do?  Well, they close down their only Airport Emergency Immigrations office a few days extra for remodeling in the Airport, and the others either closed down for stress, or simply took them out of the 3000 line, one at a time.  All worked out, but its a mess!

Luckily in the States our immigrations offices are the Postal Offices, and there aren't that many people outside rioting.  But whatever!  

The rest of the week has been busy, but not much to report.  I´m finishing my reports and revising my documents that the Area checked off when they came up to my office a few weeks ago to audit me.  Just a bit left to make everything perfect again.  

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Misión Perú Huancayo

Monday, July 4, 2016

2 Weeks in Review - June 19, 2016 - July 2, 2016

Elder Holmes was able to send us a video of what went on the last 2 weeks with a new mission president that arrived last week. He had been very busy. This great video sums it all. Enjoy!! (The video was over the size amount that Blogger allows, so please follow this link, it is about 10 minutes long:

Elder Holmes also sent us a few videos of the market place in Huancayo, Peru. It was a fun watch and to listen to Elder Holmes speak his Spanish.

Peru Market - Part One - 5 minutes long

Peru Market - Part Two - 9 minutes long

Peru Market - Part Three - 14 minutes long

Birthday Dinner for several of the Elders
Birthday Dinner for several of the Elders

President and Sister Henderson

President and Sister Henderson

Multi-Zone Conference Dinner

Mission Home

Mission Home

Mission Home

Mission Home

One last hike with the Henderson's

Harvey - the taxi driver for the missionaries

Henderson's bags are packed

New Mission President and his wife, The Silva's

Incoming and Outgoing

Until me meet again....