Monday, April 27, 2015

Week in Review - Apr 20, 2015 - Apr 26, 2015

I believe this is the big water tank he got from
his pensions ranch a few weeks ago
Well Hello there to all!  

This last week has been very busy for us here in Satipo!  A baptism, 32 ticks, finished 8 months in the mission, talked in Quechwa, and bought a bunch of pineapple juice.  Yup, 

So for our last P Day we went to Villa Capilli, where we supposedly were going to find some people from the Ashanika Tribe, but we only found one, so we went over to a farm of one of the members and did some exploring… Pretty fun over here!  Once, we finished we bought a bunch of Pineapple juice.  Only like 1 dollar worth in the states, but it was like 3 different drinks, super fresh from the farm, so It was naturally delicious!  Love it!
Also, I am practicing my Ashanika and Quechwa… Look out.. I can tell you to shut up in more than 2 languages now…. This will come in handy someday!

English Class continues to be fun and a new challenge every week to try and keep them entertained.  But somehow it all works out!  New people every week, and we keep a good crowd!  

Ward Mission Leader.  He is like a platypus.  He doesn't do much.  Had plans for a bunch of activities, wanted to spend money like we had it… And I call him the other day to let him know that we have a baptism from our companionship this week, and he replies… Oh Elder… I'm in Lima, I will not be coming back for the baptism… Oh ok, so, when will you be coming back.. Elder… You don’t understand, I am living in Lima. Oh.  Thanks.  There goes our Ward Mission Leader.  But its not like anything is really changing, it just stinks that they leave and don’t say anything!

Oh yea, since you didn't get my email last week, you probably don’t know.  We had a baptism this last Saturday!  Woo hoo!  It is the mom of the family that we recently had the marriage and baptism for.  She decided that she wanted to join the church to because she could see a huge difference the family of her son so she wanted to know why.  We began to teach her, found out she doesn't know how to read, but that isn't important… 

Taught everything.. Found out she has an addiction to Coffee… Coffee is a big thing here in the Jungle, everybody grows it here in their farms!  Anyways… Mom, I shared the story of you with your (addiction) to Coca Cola and how that had side effects when you were actually trying to use it to help your headaches, it was actually the cause of them.  I shared that, and told this sweet old lady that the reason she cannot remember ANYTHING is because of her coffee addiction she has had since she was 11.  Yup, she understood! And…. She is baptized!  We baptized her this last Saturday and she was just as happy as could be!  And so am I!  Just now we need to continue with her family!  Much more work to do here!  

Oh yea, another thing.  I finished 8 months!  Woo hoo!  

Oh. I have a question.  Who is Dr. Richard Lyman Bushman from Columbia University?  I was watching BYU TV with my pensionista and my companion, and we were watching a History of the Church and found him… I yelled out I'm related to him, but nothing more, because I wasn't super sure.  Explain it to me! [I already told Elder Holmes the answer to this, but yes we are related to him. A few years back I contacted him and told him my relation and if I remember correctly, we share the same 2nd great-grandparents through my maternal grandfather. Dr. Bushman has written many books, one that we have that is on Joseph Smith.]

32 ticks and 2 of them were in Elder Holmes bed
Today (Monday P-day) I was cleaning off my bed and found 2 green bugs.  I say bugs because they are huge.  My investigation of cleaning lead me to find 30 more in, around, and below my bed in our room.  Guess what?  They are ticks!  Huge HUGE Ticks.  Like the size of my pinky fingernail.  I was sleeping with them.  But now, nope.  They are about to be killed with a big of 95% alcohol for cleaning…. I am going to burn this place down before I sleep tonight.  Ugh…. President Henderson once said to me that the mission here is like camping.  I can totally relate to that one!  Attached is a photo of them in a little cup I have. 

All in all, things are going really well here in Satipo, I love it here, but I feel that my time here is limited… Only time will tell I suppose.  Hope all is going well at home, and when you go to bed tonight you don’t find 32 ticks the size of your pinky nail.  

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru

Bonus Picture. On 27 Apr 2015, it was his
parents 25th wedding anniversary. On his sign
it says 'Happy Silver Wedding 25 years' and
the date. That was the best!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week in Review - Apr 14, 2015 - Apr 19, 2015

This week we really didn't hear from Elder Andrew Holmes. We did get some pictures and a quick message that the Internet wasn't behaving as it should. So we have nothing to post this week except the pictures. I hope you enjoy them. Jill - Elder Holmes mom

Elder Holmes and Elder Camacho from Boliva

Elder Holmes and Elder Camacho from Boliva

Waterfalls in Satipo, Peru

...more waterfalls....

The Lego Guy in Full Glory

How fun is this? All the missionaries names.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week in Review - Apr 6, 2015 - Apr 13, 2015

It wouldn't be complete without the Lego Guy
Ok, so a bunch happened this week, but I will try to bullet point by days that they happened...

April 6th, 2015

His new companion is from Bolvia

Well today we went to the waterfall 'Galleto de las Rocas' which translates to the Bid of the Rocks..... I have been there before but my companion hasn't, so we went... Photos are included. the Water was super cold, but bearable, and I brought my water filter so I could drink some of this super clean water... I can tell you.. Its cleaner than the water that comes through the pipe if and when it does come through the pipe......

April 8th, 2015 

Today we had interviews with President Henderson, and everything went really well... Talked a bunch about English Class and how I am to continue my English Classes whenever possible.  Check!  Love teaching English Classes!  Here where I am teaching I usually get around 25 people who show up regularly to my English Class

Also, I got my shoes remodeled and made beautiful with traction and everything.l  I can now take it to the streets and not even fall!  Do you know how many times I have fallen or almost fallen!  It doesn't help that the concrete that they use here for the streets and the sidewalks DON'T Have those particles of traction in them!  NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED THOSE PARTICLES OF TRACTION IN THE STREET.  Never. 

Also, President mentioned to me that one day people will ask you how your mission was.. you will think really fast of all that happened.. then you will say, It was good, because nobody will really understand unless they were here as well with us.

April 9th, 2015

Found a bunch of New Investigators today as well as taught English Class.  As usual I assigned homework... Surprisingly, with that they even come back the following week!  I have got a following over here now!

April 10th, 2015

So, we are now teaching 2 investigators that cannot read.  One of them I mentioned earlier is th mom of Arturo, the family I baptized... She is preparing for baptism, we are just taking a different route to teaching her because we cannot assign homework assignments as reading or study... but all is working well with her!  We have that baptism in 2 weeks.

April 11th, 2015

We think this is burning of the beehive
The water tank
Today we set out on an adventure to get ourselves a free water tank of 600 liters from the ranch of our Pensionista... Off we went.. 1 hour to their Farm by a convee, then walking about 10 blocks to their ranch by way of a bamboo bridge that sways and bends in the middle... We finally get to the tank , and then open it up. there are bees.  My penisionistas husband kills them all with fire.... We get the tank back to our house but only after it starts DOWN POURING and then I cross the bridge solo with the 600 liter tank and a bamboo bride like 3 feet across.... crap.. We made it home. but I was super soaked.

Also, when we got home, one of the people living in the same house as us locked their keys in the house (part we don't have keys to) and I broke into the house through one of their windows... All is well!

April 12th, 2015

Today was fast and testimony meeting. As usual in all the world,. there is always those people who love to give their fast and testimony meetings for FOREVER::: but its all good... 

I will send more of what happened on Sunday next week... I am out of internet time, but I hope that the photos and all will make it safely to your home!  Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week in Review - Mar 30, 2015 - Apr 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Well, this last week has been busy, rainy, and we even had Easter with all of that,  Oh yea, and Conference! General Conference, [If you aren't a member of the LDS Church, CLICK HERE to see what General Conference is all about.] was a great way to end the week, and to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the impact this has on each and every one of our lives....So, we shall begin...

So, as you all might know, the internet stinks here and I was unable to do and write what I wanted to last week so I will fill you in on a bit...

Elder Camacho, he is from Bolivia 

I have a new companion, and his name is Elder Camacho, and he is from Bolivia.  So, as of yet I have had companions from Peru, Chile, United States, and now Bolivia.  Woo!  He is pretty cool, and I totally understand him and he understands me.... we kinda are aware that this transfer is probably only for the rest of these 6 weeks, because I am probably out of here after that... But all is going well, we get along great, and we have a good time sharing stories and stuff from home....

Another worthy mention of this week is:
I ate Shrimp.  

That is so unheard of, so I had to tell her thank you SO MUCH, and especially since I haven't eaten it in so many years before that, it really was a treat!

 I'm also taking to teaching my pensionista how to cook other foods in different formats, which is part of the reason I am asking for recipes from Home, so I can translate them for them to cook for us... They love cooking food from different places, so If you get your hands on any recipes Mexican, I would love that too!

Conference was great!  Yes, I watched it all in Spanish, and Understood just about all of it, it is funny to listen to the translators when they get up to President Uchtdorf and he spoke in a moment in German, I don't think they knew.... it was hilarious.. Oh yea, and when they were all singing, the music when we hear it is also in English... Yup.  I sung in English as well as the other two sisters here in Satipo.  English Represent!

Please tell everyone that if I don't respond it isn't because I don't love them, it is because it is EXTREMELY Difficult to send all the stuff I want in the short amount of super crap internet time that I have (Craig is one of them)

Oh, I did get the Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa... Thanks!  It was delicious! And I got yours [from mom] with the Peanut Butter... I ate that for Conference with the other missionaries...

I have more to say, but of course no time to say it... I have a plan to send more info next week, but it will have to wait..

Love you all!  Hope you enjoyed conference!

Elder Holmes

Satipo, Peru