Monday, August 17, 2015

Week in Review - August 10, 2015 - August 16, 2015

English on the Mount

Monday August 10th
Today for P-Day we attempted to do a multi-zone soccer and volleyball P-DAY.  Ya, well more or less it worked out.  Had a good time, scored a few goals, and then we were heading to the road to find a Moto Taxi.  Well the wind was super strong today, and when the Moto-taxista opened his door, yup... slammed me in the Jaw. And I bit my cheek.  I thought my companion was going to die of laughter, while I will admit that it was funny, the darn thing was hurting pretty bad. That time I was just thinking of two things.. My face hurts, and maybe I was going to get a discount.. Nope. No discount. Just pain. We finished the day teaching one of our new investigators who is a reference from another member in another ward that we ran into on the way to the Pension.  We taught the Restoration, and responded to many of his questions.  He is excited to meet with us again to explain a bit more of the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation.

Tuesday August 11th
Zone meeting was today.  It is always a nice change to get together as a zone, and have trainings, practices, and what not... For me, this was one of the most applicable zone trainings I have had, and I have really enjoyed putting in practice a few of the items discussed there.  Also found out on August 25th I will be in Huancayo for a meeting with all the current District leaders.  Woo.  Super fun travel.  But usually there is Pizza Hut, or Burger King or something like that there for us to eat.  So that makes up for it... Our new investigator Cristian wanted us to come over again today, so we did... explained a bit more of the restoration, and The Book of Mormon, by reading with him the Introduction to The Book of Mormon.

It was a very good lesson, and he seems to understand and agree that God would talk to both sides of the world, and not just one as it is in the Bible.  The two share the story of Christ as it would in other parties of the world.  God speaks to all of his children everywhere, and they keep these records.  So that one day, somebody could benefit from those records. 

We have another appointment with him for tomorrow, Finished the Day giving a blessing of health to one of the other missionaries in my room-district.... Then, after planning, I hit the bed.  Zonked.

Wednesday August 12th
6 lessons, and a visit to the sick in the hospital, and practice training with my companion. We killed it today.  A recent rescued less active, investigator, sick person, part member family, less active, and a new investigator.  Challenged 3 to be baptized, 2 of them more or less accepted, and finished the day with Cristian, and we watched a video that shows the history of the Book of Mormon and what you personally need to do to know that this book was also inspired by God. The Book of Mormon Video.

I love using videos to help teach, whether it be in the lessons in home (Every TV here in Peru has a USB Port, and are super nice) Or at the church for Gospel Principles. Oh yea, Faye Avarell.  [This was Elder Holmes Seminary Teacher.] Do you want to know why we probably have poop televisions for seminary that shows all the people purple?  Because Peru has all the new ones.  And yes, I love them, and am always using them.  ;)

Thursday August 13th
Service Day!  So, we went up to the very last row of houses this week on the hillside.  They bailed on us to build adobe bricks, so we found someone else more willing to accept free help from 4 missionaries.  And we made a mud rock brick wall. To finish the day (we did service until 1 PM) we went to Bro. Cristian and taught the plan of salvation.  I love being able to explain to people (sometimes using only the bible) that Christ went to the spirit world and taught those we needed it.  And that there is still a huge probability for those that never accepted the gospel in this life, to accept it there... We explained it a bit better with him, but it went over really well!  Oh yea.  I decided.  My pensionista is like Clara from the Andy Griffith Show.  Gossip, has to know the juicy stuff before everybody, and always has the -best ideas-
Elder Holmes Pensionsita (Cook)
Friday August 14th 
Weekly Planning.  Yup, we bought Ice cream, and I ate and shared my PB.  Later on in the day we went and visited with a Recent Rescued Less Active member... and he told me he wont be able to go to  ward at 2.30 PM normal time to take the sacrament, because he will be traveling...But he informed me that he will be going to another ward to take the sacrament... Yup, he is doing very well, now we just have to strengthen his family... Finished the day with Cristian, and we watched the Restoration, and explained a few more things... He really is a great guy. The Restoration Video.

Saturday August 15th
Today was 'English on the Mount'.  Like in Matthew 5:1... Except I did my own turn.  Took an example from Jesus and did a sermon on the Mount.  English Style. Went to the edge of my area, in the super high up section, brought a few blankets to sit, a mini white board, copies, and I taught 'English on the Mount'.  People came and enjoyed the class I taught and will come to my English class next week.  I think I found my new method to teach.  
English on the Mount

English on the Mount
Sunday August 16th
Today after lunch we went to pick up Cristian to go to church.  Even though church started late, and we decided to clean up the chapel with a few mops, he seemed to enjoy it, and he went to the YSA [Young Single Adults] and enjoyed the time there, and found out he knows a few of the members of our ward.  We finished the day with a planning meeting as a stake with missionaries to plan a few things for the Saturday Family History Fair.  Looks like we have stuff to do!

Well, more or less that is this week.  Hope that you all enjoy it, and that the photos make it to you guys fine.  

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru

[Here are some extra random pictures he sent.]
This was his shoe from a few months ago, he has since
had it resoled in Peru. He said that there are shoe repair
shops everywhere.

This was just a small fire close by to his apartment.

Elder Holmes Zone/District Newsletter. Elder
Holmes is pictured on the right side and
there is a mention of his birthday.