Monday, September 7, 2015

Week in Review - August 31, 2015 - September 6, 2015

Dust Levels are rising here in Fuanuco, Peru

September 1st 2015

So, out of today, there are two items worthy of mentioning.  We challenged a couple to get civilly married, after 6 years of being together, and a kid, the mom wants to get married, she knows that she is breaking a few of the commandments with this one, but her partner, he doesn't want to get married quite yet, he says he requires more time before he will get married to her, he says he needs more (time) to get to know her... well thats a load of crap.  Called him out on that one right away. Side note.. In the mission we try to have lessons with a member present,,,, well, in this lesson we had this guys mother in law present... anyways, we put him with a goal, so that he could prepare for a marriage... he doesn't want to!  Makes one think... If he doesn't want to get married to someone that he (Knows quite well) what would that reason be... I will leave that to the imagination.

The second item worthy of a mention would be one of our Ward Members.  He is working on doing his family history tree, but cannot because he had the bad fortune that on the day of his birth, his mother also died.  Here in this culture, everybody has at least 4 names, based on parents and spouses, and he never got to know his mom and he doesn't have his birth certificate, so this became very difficult to find out what his moms full 4 part name was.  He remembered 2 parts, but the other parts were mysteries to the family.  We thing, through a major help from a ward member that we have found his moms names and records.  Ahhh... it helps to have friends that have friends in high places in Lima.  Hahahaha..

September 2nd 2015

Today we went on a little tour of our area with a missionary that was finishing his mission, which was nice for us, because we found a few more new people to visit and teach.  All in all, today was pretty chill.  I bought a chocolate milk bottle of 1 liter, and drunk it with some Oreos I bought.  Yup, it knocked me out.  My body went into Milk Shock, and I ate way less today.  And no, it wasn't expired, it still had another good 6 months before it was set to expire.  That's another story... I don't want to know why it can live for so long.. but whatever, I'm not buying myself milk for a while hahaha...

September 3rd 2015

Today we had our monthly zone training, which was a very good demonstration on how pride can affect us, and others in ways we usually  don't have the ability to see. After our Zone Meeting, my district went to the center of Huanuco to take out our money for the month for the Pension, Laundry, Rent, and travel fund.  I will tell you, the residents do not like it when a bunch of missionaries take up a bunch of time and the banks to take out money, the money we need to pay our bills.  Sometimes it takes time, what a mess.  But we finished, went to another bank, got it all changed out into smaller bills to pay it off, and take the first taxi available out of here!

September 4th 2015

Weekly Planning.  Only one lesson we had today was worthy of mentioning was in the evening, when we taught something called The Articles of Faith which are the basic beliefs of the Church Members around the world.  Written a long time ago in a nation far far away, this serves as a model that we can quickly use to show everyone what our basic beliefs are without going overboard.  Makes it way easier to respond to questions and resolve doubts in respect to questions that people may have, but are afraid to ask...

September 5th 2015

The highlight of today was that we (Even the bishop) forgot that it was time for our monthly fast as church members (Learn more about the fast here from  I know that the bishop forgot as well, because he invited us to a restaurant with his wife.  Yup, that was an awkward call for both of us to reschedule that appointment.  woo.... To finish the day , we went to our ex-pension (who is pregnant) so that we could visit her husband.  Now.  It has been an off and on joke that she would go into labor pains when we would be passing by (note, she lives on the 5th floor of her complex with only stairs) would you be surprised that today when we passed by for our appointment at 8 pm that her daughter that recently turned 8 years old opened the door and tells me that her mom is in labor., and the mom looks at me and says that she is having contractions every 10 minutes.  No!  Ok gotta go!  Hahahaha... In the end, her sister came, and her husband met her in the hospital,.  She wanted us to give her a blessing of health right before she went in so everything would turn out ok.  She gave birth the following morning.  Woah.  That was a close call!  no!!! ! ! !

September 6th 2015  

Church, and Fast Sunday!  Not much to report on today.  We took a photo at the end of Ward Council so you can see some of the members I am working with down here in the Colonial Ward.  Finished the day doing a question and answer day with an investigator.  He wanted to learn more about Revelations.  Well... My companion didn't know how to teach that and so he just looked at me.  Oh great.  But yup.  I taught it, and we even taught somebody else in the house and they totally understood how I taught it, and explained the symbolism and even incorporated the Restoration of the Church in the proper places in Revelations.  It was a very good day.  Although a few members didn't show up to church (less actives we are teaching) its ok... We will correct them with Love another day.. he hehe he..

Colonial Ward, Peru - Ward Council
Thats about it!  You should be getting some other photos... I made some smores in my pancake machine, as well as a few other photos of dumb stuff... Feel free to upload it all, because if you guys don't recognize something, past missionaries will!

Love you all, and hope you enjoy your Labor Day!

Oh yea... Transfers are Wednesday... We don't know anything yet... I could really go either way... we will have to wait and see....

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru