Monday, August 24, 2015

Week in Review - August 17, 2015 - August 23, 2015

Hello there!

This weeks email will be pretty short.  Not because I don't have a bunch of time, but mostly because not a bunch out of the normal happened this week.  

This last P Day we went over to Cahuayana and Played Soccer on some artificial turf, which is way more fun than playing on a small court on cement.  Grass, even if it is fake, is way better then cement.  Any day. 

Tuesday we had our District Meeting, then was one of our most effective days of the  week.  Found a new investigator, taught a recent rescued less active, English Class, Found our Bishop that was in Lima for like 2 weeks, gave a blessing of council to the Bishop, Found our other new investigator, and then we ate dinner. That was a great day!  Full Chamba!

Hey, side note.  Did you guys see on Mormon Channel the 3 parts of the music festival they did in the Conference Center?  The Three Dances are three dances typical of the Regions here in our Mission, and they performed them there in the Conference Center in Spanish!  How Cool!  I am downloading them, because there is nobody down here that knows this happened, and we will be watching it on the projector next Sunday after Church, and before ward council.  How cool!

Here come Wednesday, and also comes the Divisions.  I went on Divisions with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Bradford.  I will admit, it is great to get out our the area, and see how other elders use their areas, and the techniques they use that you could apply in your current area.  We contacted really well, found a couple Jehovah Witnesses (there are SO MANY Here, and they just LOVE talking to us... hahaha)

Thursday, we found a guy today contacting that had a snake bite on his hand, a huge HOLE on his hand, with a bunch of infected fluids gushing out.. He has had it for about a month, and only went to the doctor, to get pain killers, and antibiotics... I'm not kidding... God Blessed me so that I didn't through up.   Ugh.  He wouldn't let us give him a blessing of health.. He told us to come back when all of his family would be there on Saturday.  We went. And he went to the Hospital. Well something came out of that I guess....

Here comes Saturday.  Family History Fair!  We think about 500 people showed up, but not quite sure... They are still doing some number work.  You guys will be proud.  I provided them with our Fast Fan Chart and they used mine as well as Elder Inkleys to show off what the Family History should look like.  More then just your parents or grandparents... And I printed off some photos from our Account... It was a great activity.  Booths from all the wards, dances, and all the fun stuff!  Food, I didn't get to eat it.  Videos, training, everything... it was great, If I ever get transfered to a Pueblito again, I will probably do an activity like this.  A bunch of people and investigators came to enjoy the social and the dances, and the training, the music, and all of it.  It was great.  Also, you need to look up.  Put a link or something (see below)... David Archuleta... Nunca Pense.  He did a music video for the church about family history in Spanish.  I know you wont understand it... but you need to watch  it.  It was great! 

All in all it was a great week, don't know what I was saying at the beginning of the email, it just all goes together, and sometimes I lose track of time.

Hope all is well at home.  

P.S.  I finish one year here in Peru on Wednesday!  Woah!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru