Monday, August 3, 2015

Week in Review - July 27, 2015 - August 2, 2015

Hello all! This week there wasn't a bunch of stuff that went on, but I will try to summarize it all ya?

This week we started on Saturday a with a new pensionista.  New cook, new family, new stuff... Woah.  Just love setting up new pensions.. it's so fun.  NOT.  Stressful, especially when we had to close 1 pension, and open up 2 new ones.  Ugh.  But, we did it, and now I am eating with someone who lives in the same building but only on the 2nd floor, and not the 5th floor. Woo hoo!  3 less floors to climb every day.  As if that even makes a difference. There are so many stairs and up up up sections in our area!  We are now eating with a sister in the ward, who her husband is a less active, and she is a rescued less active member. She cooks really nice, and she knows how to cook tacos, hamburgers, and all the fun stuff... I'm going to get fat.  Will send pictures.  :)

You know what this last week was?  Transfers!  Guess who didn't get transfered!  Me!  It's fine, I knew it wouldn't happen, I need to finish training my companion, then I think there will be the possibility to go... Only time will tell for this one.  But there was a few transfers in the district and in the zone.  Elder Collantes, who shares a room with me just got a new assignment.  He is training.  A little gringito!  Hahahaa... Elder Cornillus is with us, and he is with a cool missionary.  I remember so much right now on how I WAS with Spanish, and how much I have progressed with my Spanish.  Ahhh... But I still have so much to learn.... but woah.  Its weird to think that in one year, from today, i will be prepping my bags... Woah! Ok.. thats it. Cannot think more like that.. hahaha [The time has flown by.]

Elder Villegas left this week to go to the Jungle. Pichinacki!  He will be burnt to a crisp there, but it's all good.  Hahaha...  I have attached a few random photos of the goodbyes and the stuff that went on this week.  

Also this week, I got my new scripture case for my Book of Mormon that is always in our hands... I had it made with the tilde on Elder on the front, and on the back is a flag of California.  Bahahaha.. I had to wait like 2 months for that because it wasn't that easy to get the flag, but it was totally worth it.  I hope that this case will last until the end of my mission. The other one lasted a little bit under 1 year, so hopefully this will last until August.  

Ward Council was good this week, I just have to say that if they are looking for ideas for things, and they don't come up with something, and you suggest it, yup... You just got signed up by the sustained hand to do the activity.  Ugh... I'm in charge of a Family History Related Activity for the Family History Fair in the Stake Center in a few weeks.  I won't reveal what I am going to do, but I think that you will all like it.  I will take pictures and everything.... but a few weeks from today.  ahhhh...  [A little side note: Elder Holmes' mom has been in some kind of family history calling at church, including director and family history consultant, since 1998. So it looks like all that work over the years has rubbed off on him. Good job!!]

That's basically it this week, aside form when my companion broke his tooth eating rice or something like that, it has been a pretty normal week.  Hope that the next week we can have some more fun photos to send home!

Enjoy your vacation! [The rest of the family went on vacation for the first time without Andrew this week. It was strange. We thought we would share a few pictures of our vacation to Southern Utah, including a 'Fat Head' of Elder Holmes. We wanted to take him along. Enjoy!]

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru