Monday, September 28, 2015

Week in Review - September 21, 2015 - September 27, 2015


There are just some days where you are just tired and just need sleep. But cannot get it.  There is no (going to bed early) or waking up later because you want to.  That just doesn't happen. So, it adds on everyday, and then you get to P-Day when you try not to think to much about what is going on, and then there are problems in the Zone.  Woo Hoo.  Not like they are big things, but things that are sufficient to bug the poop out of you and just ask, WHY THE FREAK are you asking me that question!  You know the answer, you just want me to give you permission to do something that you know you shouldn't do!  And so with that, that is why I am writing a bit late today, but don't want to get into specifics, just that sometimes, people can be dumb.  The End.

This week I am just going to do Highlights and things I wanted to say, because not a whole lot has gone on this week here in Los Andes.

The Elevation of Huancayo is actually around 9,400 something feet.  I looked it up on my GPS Camera, I was just so busy these last few weeks I never actually looked at it...

This last week we went to a local park for P-DAY and bought a few things and took a few photos. I have begun the little trinket shopping for people at home now.... Ugh...

This week I hit 13 months... Woah.. Every Month, every transfer just goes by faster and faster!!!!  But a bit faster for my companion, Elder Ottley, who this week has to weigh his bags to make sure that everything will be able to go home.:: Yuck.  He doesn't like it, I will tell you that!!

This week we did some service at a members house that was moving form one block to the other.  Might I add, a HUGE Upgrade from where they were living before.  I really enjoyed the opportunity I had with my companion to help this family make this upgrade in their lives.  She is a widow, and has 3 kids, who all work or do something to support the family.  The son is also studying, and frankly I have no idea how they have all the time to do the things they need to, AND they still go to church.  Later on the next day, we sent over some of the ward members to give a blessing to dedicate the home.  I really hope they appreciated the gesture, we will go over to their house this week to see if there is anything else we can do for them in the meantime.  Here in the mission, whether you are moving missionaries, or somebody inside of the ward, you will probably have at least 1 moving project weekly.  But it's all good, you are just super tired afterwards!

This week we did a set of divisions.  I went over to another ward that is in our Stake to see how everything is going on over there.  Seems like it is going well, a few problems with following the schedule, but overall it looks good.  While we were over there it was HAILING for a good 30 minutes, and I won't lie.  All the Peruvians told me I would get sick and be in bed for days If I stayed outside (was in short sleeves and pants, but still shirt and tie) and they about flipped out on me!  They couldn't understand that I was ok!  They wouldn't even walk outside with us, we had to wait for the hail to let up for a sec so we could keep going!  Jeesh!  I loved it!  I wanted more, but it only hails for a bit.  Later on in that day we went over to a house that they said was leaking and there was no hope for it.  Well, I wasn't liking that answer.  Found the leak, they told me it was for something else and it wasn't fixable (A BUNCH of water was coming in their house)  I got a plastic bag, and a metal pipe.  Shoved it in the right spot, and not only stopped the leak, but redirected the water to another direction.  I could hear them yelling from the other side of the wall,,,, how did you do it!  It stoped!  What!   hahahahaha....  I was soaked after that day, because afterwards we also (I) dug a ditch for all the water to flow AWAY from the house because it was soaking everything.  A BUNCH of rain.  All is well.  I hope the laundry lady doesn't kill me.  Those pants are SO SO SO MUDDY. 

You will find a few pictures this week that says  Piense en aqui.  It means, 'think in here'.  This basically represents the people (Stake and Wards) that think about BAPTISMS BAPTISMS BAPTISMS without thinking of retaining the people they baptize.  Well, we have over 500 basically in every ward, and only like 120 actives.  That shows a problem.  The Red Handbook... It just a suggestion to use it here... They say it doesn't really apply here.  So.  All the logic we try to use, is represented outside of this box.  Because logic and thinking just doesn't enter... hahahaa... I will explain more next week.  

Oh yea, I had a talk this week.  Didn't really phase anybody, because the reverence levels here are bar none.  Ugh.  I can just breath a little deeper and keep going.  

Seriously.  In all of the things I am learning here in the mission, Patience is definitely one of them!  Patience, and the ability to work with people who for some reason, logic just doesn't click.  The manuals for the church are just (suggestion boxes) which makes everything just more difficult.  I hope I will be able to write a better email next week, this week I was just caught off guard with all the things I had to do and the things that didn't even make it into this email.  I hope that all is going well at home 

I think that is all.... My comp and I are getting along well, we made pancakes the other day... Well, like every 3 days we make pancakes, they are so much cheaper... and the N
utella is a great touch!  Thanks!

Elder Holmes
Huancayo, Peru