Monday, September 21, 2015

Week in Review - September 14, 2015 - September 20, 2015

Peruvian Plumbing, More Effective then I thought

Monday, September 14, 2015

Does anybody remember the saying, "10% of the members do 90% of the work."? Well, does that not only apply here in South America, but very much for the missionaries on P-Day. Today we had planned a big 'ol BBQ and told everybody in 2 of the 4 zones here in Huancayo to come to our stake center at 1:30. So we could do the BBQ. We rounded up the meat, sauces, charcoal, BBQ grill, the works, because we are sick of people not following through the majority of people (missionaries) show up at 2, and a few even later than that. I will admit, with all the late people, the food event still turned out well, the soles [?] from each zone got together and made salads of different types to give us more variety of food, and  it turned out pretty well. 

We almost forgot about the drinks, so I called in for a delivery of a 20 liter water jug, and we bought sufficient Tang powder for 20 liters of Tang. Yup, there was leftover of the meat and the Tang which we ended up taking home. The only bummer of everything [even with the rain included] was that after everyone finished eating, they went to go and play soccer. Only the sistas offered to help clean up, with us [zone leaders planned the activity, and like 2 other elders] but that's it. It appears that all had forgotten that they really good meat, salads, and Tang still had to be cleaned up. About 2 hours later we finished cleaning, and there went the day. I'm not so sure we will be scheduling a zone BBQ anytime soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In Boy Scout Camp, there are with frequency campsite inspections to make sure that everyone is not living like complete pigs. Normally part of the fun of these inspections would be sabotaging another groups campsite with trash or other items to lower their points, while on the same hand doing something in your to get in good terms with the inspector, or a something special for the them when they finish inspecting. Well, today we had room inspection s and I didn't have enough time to go to another room and destroy the chances of another room, so we had to do something to make our room even better. So, to model a few Peruvian customs - in front of the kitchen we put a white board which says "Hoy Menu" [Not sure what he wrote?] Which translates to - there is a menu. Normally here in Peru they don't actually put what is on the menu on the menu [weird huh?] but we figured we would we also "assigned" President Henderson to the cleaning responsibility of which he denied saying there are others who do it better, but got a kick out of the Menu sign. 

All in all they really enjoyed our room, our mini house [we rent out all the 3rd floor] and told us that of their were ever new married couple of missionaries, they would probably live here. It's a beautiful complex [3 stories with double roof access], a kitchen and a few rooms. Sister Henderson as far as I could tell was very pleased with our level of cleanliness, especially because there are 4 of us living here together. As many like to point out to us, the is not a whole lot of people or places when you could trust 4 guys to live together and not destroy the house. We have been told that so for, the house we are renting right now is the nicest rooms in the mission. And from the history of rooms I have lived in, and seen, I would have to agree. After we finished our inspections we made some  jokes about taking off our shoes before coming in our house and we have a box of socks ready for 'the visitors' to our house....[That's what everyone had to do to enter in Presidents house]. 

After our inspection, we went around driving with President and his assistants showing them other rooms in our zone. I'm not going to lie, it's nice every once and a while to just talk to President like normal people, and see that he makes jokes too, all of which is a nice change to the daily routine. For the rest of the day we had a mini-district meeting, and met with a few of the local families in the evening. The lesson that I loved teaching today was to a family that is in the process of being re-activated and we are putting goals for them to go to the temple to get sealed. He were able to teach not only what we do in the temples, but the importance of the sealing. Shared an example with them of a photo that was laminated with hard plastic and a piece of paper that wasn't. I explained you can do basically anything to the lament but nothing will change what's on the inside. While, on the other hand, the piece of paper couldn't withstand anything. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015.  Day of Everything.

So, today started out normal, Church.  Sacrament Meeting.  

There was another baptism in the church building today.  Needless to say, the other elders were incapable of filling the font themselves, and scheduled the baptism for a Sunday,  That was dumb strike number one.  Two.  The baptismal font wasn't emptied completely, and it was dirty.  We had to do all of the following in our suits.  

Clean, Empty, Fill, the Font.

Fix the Water Heating System that takes the water back out of the font and replaces it with hot water. (It is a multi step process that uses gas, and is a pain in the but to get to work). Also, fix the pump that pulls and pushes the water from the font to the heaters, as it was leaking excess amounts of water. (Super glad I have my Leatherman Multi-Tool, saved the day on that one.)

While we were fixing all of this, we opened up one of the drainage tunnels.  I was looking inside, and of all things, My Beautiful little USB (The 64 GB) fell in.  Naturally I went in after it (Yes, it was the Peruvian Poop Tube)  And tried to snake it out with some items.  Didn't work.  it is gone. Forever Gone. I'm beyond sad about that, but do not think i will be asking for a new one.  It is EXACTLY For reasons like this I make multiple copies of all my photos and videos, and know that they are safe at home, and also on my camera.  Ahhh... That is basically what saved me from exploding on everyone. Everything on there is what I have had backed up on other places.  So, I'm ok.  I'm happy.  

The day doesn't end with that.. Today seems to be just poop filled.  We were walking on the EDGE of our area, and my companion looks at me.  I have to go.  There isn't time to get to the room.  What do we do!  We don't know anybody over here very well!  The Taxis weren't there, and we were out of luck . The whole walking and pacing wasn't enough.  Basically Dancing.  i know that feeling... I have done it way to many times.  We broke down and got to an investigators house.... They didn't have a toilet seat, and only a tiny bit of TP, but it works.  When you have days like this, with the change of food, and your stomach wants to just take off like the space shuttle, there aren't many options. We made it.  We lived.  And it was all good.

So basically that is what happened this week. Hope all is good in the motherland!  Loving Huancayo here, it is a bit cold, but just enough for a light jacket at times.  Sometimes it rains pretty hard, but not for too long...

Love you all!  I'm doing great here, and I will tell you, the mission is teaching me a whole bunch about Patience, and The ability to listen.  not only to investigators, but members, and other missionaries who sometimes will just give me the biggest load of crap that I cannot even believe.  But it is all good.

Elder Holmes

Huancayo, Peru