Monday, June 1, 2015

Week in Review - May 25, 2015 - May 31, 2015

He is cooking tacos at his pension's (cook) home. He also made homemade
tortillas. He said that they take forever. I bet they were yummy!
Hello all!

First off I will answer a few questions.  Yes, there are glasses in that photo.  NO, I am not blind or anything, I still have my perfect vision, but I'm trying to protect it with Glasses that are without prescription.  They were very cheap, so don't worry.... like 8 bucks... But they work pretty well!  And when everyone is making comments about :How beautiful my eyes are: they cannot see them as well with the glasses... I'm not kidding, I get those comments every day! [Elder Holmes has blue eyes. I am sure they don't see very many of those.]

My Fun English Comment for this week is that I am the only Gringo in my room of 4 missionaries, so when they have questions about English, I help them out. This week, I explained the difference between 

Twerking (Miley Cyrus) and Turkey (Pavo)

Ya, that was a fun one to explain.... hahahhaha

I hate dogs.  I loved Dogs before the mission, but as a missionary the dogs are evil!  I never really believed it, but they are out for us!  And, they are hungry in the nighttime, sometimes we take different roads because we know where the gang dogs hang out....

I have decided that Missionary Life is like a Sim Game.  The game is fairly adaptive, but the goal of the game is to create a civilization and maintain it.  Communicate with the people, find out what they like, do it, and make them happy.  But, sometimes there are parts of the game that simply are not intractable.  You cannot progress more in that section of the game.  
Just like missionary work, there are just some people that don't want to listen, or will not work with you.  Our job as missionaries is to find the interactive parts of the game, and work within them to make the area and to help them with the "construction of their sim city"  Its awesome!

Oh yea, so there isn't any Gas here in Peru.  Cooking Gas (We use propane in all the houses, because there aren't pipes in all of Peru for Gas) and also no gas for Vehicles. Supposedly there will not be any for the next few weeks, and we are already in week 2 or 3 of this. Taxi prices have skyrocketed, and everyone already wants more from me because I'm white, but then I talk Spanish with them and they are all like... Oh, crap.  He understands.... But, Elder... there isn't gas!  Ugh.... nationwide shortage of gas really cramps our plans!

I'm now teaching Principles of Gospel here in Huanuco in our ward.... Fun fun fun, this last week I taught the word of wisdom, so things are going pretty good.. I had someone of the stake presidency in my class... Ya no ya, no pressure... ugh....

Also worthy of mention is Pizza.  We had dinner with the bishop!  Loved it, but there wasn't enough!

I would love to send more stuff, but I'm running out of time... Hope all is good at home and that you are all loving hearing about the fun stuff here in Peru!

All these Elder's share the same apartment
Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru