Monday, May 25, 2015

Week in Review - May 18, 2015 - May 24, 2015

Elder Holmes finally has hot running water, but read how
he did it and how the hot water works. Yikes!!
Area 3 New Transfer

Ok!  Hello all from Huanuco!  I will start out first by clearing some things up.  I am back in Huanuco yes, but I am NOT in the same area that I was before.  There are almost 70 missionaries here in Huanuco, and so naturally I am in another Zone, and another area.  I am in the Colonial Ward in the Stake Amarilis.  

Not a bunch of new stuff to report this week, I have started up the new activities like English Class, Mission Night, And Sports Night.... They will go into affect starting Saturday.  I have already printed 300 invitations, and more are on the way.

We are in a room with 4 missionaries and one bathroom.  Yup, they broke the heater appliance that is attached to the shower... It was broken for a month.  I get here, and I froze.  I wasn't going to live with this for a few more transfers. I fixed it for the equivalent of 25 American cents... We now have hot water, but it is a sketch appliance... Note, the photo is real, and this is a real hookup and this is normal.  All I did was fix the pipe and put a support strut so it doesn't fall off weight again.... [Elder Holmes takes after his dad, just call him MacGyver!!]

As far as New stuff, there really isn't anything, I'm getting used to the new pensionista, new room, everything is new... I will try to send more photos next week!  This keyboard is crap!  

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Colonial
Area 3

[PS: This is Elder Holmes mom. I was able to find out where he goes to get on the Internet. He said that there are internet rooms all over Peru, it's like a cyber cafe without the cafe. There are like 20 computers where he was at today.]