Monday, June 29, 2015

Week in Review - June 22, 2015 - June 28, 2015

[No pictures this week. He was having trouble with Peru's Internet.]

Ok, so this week will not be divided by days, but just by what happened.  I'm in the corner of my internet, and my hand hurts because it has to be shoved in a corner to use the keyboard.   
But all is well here!  This week we had a Multi Zone Conference here in Huanuco with Elder Wadell, and let me tell you, we learned a bunch.  Elder Wadell is one of the Elders from the first quorum of the 70, so it was fun to get some training from him. As usual, I directed the hymns.  Its like the people here know that I can do it, and it has just become a routine!  

This week we had a great opportunity to give some service to those in need.  From one of the streets in our area and for the sections above, where there are not any roads, they had their water cut like 5 days ago, and since then have not had water.  To add to this, they live super far away from the roads in respect to bringing in water, and the water tank trucks that bring water like 2 times a week cannot get close enough to the houses.  So with that, we noticed a great time for some service.  We started with one family and their buckets to bring water to their house, and then after that everyone else brought their buckets!  We were helping about 45 people in this little section with their bucks, and let me tell you, these roads and stairs to all the houses, they are not small.  They are steep and long!  We got a good workout!  I invited the other elders from our ward to help us out, so we could get some more people serviced.  It became a very good activity.  We have been doing a bunch of service like that this week, and have contacted a bunch of people this week only through service.  48 people contacted only through service.  we did not knock on one single door.  Ahhh... I love this so much more, but my back hurts!  I need Jennifer to walk on it!  hahahhaa [Our daughter Jennifer (almost 13) has a fun little talent of being able to massage your back by walking on it. Her dad has trained her from a very very early age. She knows exactly how to do it right.]

This week we also had a mini conference with President Henderson and his wife as a Zone.  Usually we do these as multi zones , but this time he wanted to be able to talk to us a bit more, so we did it like this.  I really do like the conferences when we get the chances, to have them!  

I will try to talk a bit more next week, maybe I will write it out first and send you a copy of the page, but you will then have to type it and put it in the blog....   

Things were good here over all.  Just because there wasn't power in the city all day of Sunday, and I'm super sore, it was a great week.  I hope that all is going good in home, and that you are all enjoying your summer!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru

PS: It wont snow this week.  It doesn't do that here... it isn't that cold.  [Okay, we need to explain this one. I guess has failed us. We would check on the weather from time to time and it looked like it was in the 20's at night and a snow was expected this weekend. NOT! I guess we will see I spelled it right or another weather site. Okay, I just checked, I have been spelling the town he is in wrong and to believe that my wrong spelling is actually a town in Peru. In case you are interested, here is the LINK. lol]