Monday, July 6, 2015

Week in Review - June 29, 2015 - July 5, 2015

Well, here we go with another week...

Well, I wont do a playback of everyday, but this week was an interesting week.  Not because anything big happened, but you can tell that even when your numbers are low, if you are really working or not, based on how stressed you are.  So, with that, one could say that I am a bit stressed.  But we also need to remember that this is normal, because there is a healthy level of stress that helps us to do the things that we need to do every week.  

During this week we did a Zone Attack in my Area which is really helping us out, because the Area Book is not updated for anything, and there are people that I should be visiting but I have absolutely no idea where they live, or a phone number, and trying to give directions here in Peru is just the worst.  Through this Zone Attack we were able to locate about 6 more people that we can supposedly visit now, so this week we will be going to their houses.

English Classes are doing well, we are having people show up from other wards, so that is always a good sign.  Hahaha... What I am doing to get people to understand that I am a Gringo and that I can really teach English is that I am teaching them HOW to say the words and that I can teach them the Pronunciation.  

This week we also did have a chance to do some service for a family we found in the super high up section of Huanuco, where we basically demolished their path to their house so we could construct a new one. I'm not kidding, this dirt path to their house you would have to jump on parts of it so you wouldn't fall off the hill.  So, we showed up with a few picks and we got to work .I showed them how to make a proper path, and moved rocks, and finished it in less then 2 hours.  I can tell you it brought back many many memories of me digging the wall in our house every year when the dirt would fall. Guess that was for something, no dad? haha

I won't lie on another part, we are having a tough time finding new people to teach, and I am dropping a bunch of the people that we were teaching, and that we were teaching before in the previous transfer.  Sometimes, you can just tell that they don't want it, they avoid you, and just wont tell you to your face that they don't want to do anything.  Its harder when they know, and you know that they know they need it, but they still refuse it.  I guess that would be part of the reason I am stressed.  Another part could be that we are teaching a few people, that have some problems with the 10 Commandments, and it is our job to help them resolve their problems.  I guess that does mean that we are doing our job, if we are worrying so much about the welfare of others.  Sometimes it becomes overwhelming, but then I realize that it is only overwhelming when we don't have our priorities inline.  

All in all we are doing good here, there aren't any problems with us, I am teaching my companion the ways of the force so that one day he can leave and train another. 

Don't worry about us over here, we are doing good, some days and weeks just stretch out a bit sometimes, something that I know that all missionaries understand.

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru

[Elder Holmes added this to our personal email, and we thought you would enjoy this.]

P.S. I will tell you, on July 4th I totally called my Zone Leader who is Elder Inkley my ex companion, and we sang the National Anthem.  I didn't have BBQ, it was difficult, but I knew that there was somebody at home eating some for me..  Hehehe