Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week in Review - January 31, 2016 - February 5, 2016

This week passed by super fast... Just about as fast as.. well every other week here in the office.  I don't lie to you, every week more that I have here in Peru and in the mission pass by even faster than before.  

This last week I had the opportunity to send another missionary home early for Health Related Issues which can only be resolved in the home, and not here in the mission. Woah.  More Immigration paperwork.  I'm becoming an expert in this whole Peruvian Law and Immigration Documentation Process...

This week we also had the opportunity to get all of the Mission Leaders (Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders) together for another training.  Pizza Hut and Burger King to the rescue!  The restaurants are learning.  They are coming on time.... And if they come late, they are giving us free stuff, and the managers come and deliver the food.  Yea, they are understanding it!  

We are also preparing for Elder Godoy to come to our mission, and frankly it is putting everybody up in arms... We are receiving mixed messages from his secretary of where, when, how, what they want to do.  We plan for one thing, and we find out they want something else!  Well, we cannot wait much longer, and its not like we can just pick up the phone and call the first quorum of the 70 up and ask him to change all the plans they made (because they are unfamiliar with our Geography or the Mission Specific Challenges that WILL arise if they follow their current plans...) - So, we push along... 

You might be wondering why I am writing today.  Well, today is Sister Henderson's Birthday, so we had to plan something.  Elder Islas, from Veracruz Mexico was our star cook.  I felt like it was kinda like the Cosby show where Cliff rents out the Caribbean Chef to cook for Clair.  Everything down to the last detail.  Well, we planned the food, went to 2 markets, 1 supermarket, to find all the ingredients we needed.  Needless to say - We found them, but it took a bit.  They were called Mole Poblano which consist of MANY INGREDIENTS, but is completely worth it.  Then, we also found a 3 Milks cake and called it a day.  There are photos, but I don't have them yet.. One day I will have them.  

To end the day we went and did a little shopping in the center.  The photos attached are what happens when you go shopping in the center.  There was a cultural event today.  Apparently it is fun to dance, yell, and throw talco powder all over the place...Then, you throw water from the rooftops on the talco covered people.  Dance, run, scare people, and call it a day!  How fun!  If I wasn't a missionary.... 

So thats it!  A week in the office... Obviously there are many other things that happen, but some of which I just talk about here, and many things that are just mundane, and aren't fun to talk about here in the email.  Hope you are all doing well, and enjoying Winter!  Its raining pretty hard here too! 

-Elder Holmes
Huancayo, Peru