Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week in Review - January 24, 2016 - January 30, 2016

Good Morning,

Well every week I love reading all of your guys emails to see what is going on at home. There are many times I just love reading your guys emails and then I have no idea what to send you guys.  While there is always something going on here at the Office or something big or something to do, I'm not sure where to begin, or if it will even call your attention.  But we will see what we did this week.  

There has been some emergency transfers, and some additional Immigration paperwork. This week I received from the Area Offices over 50 passports, and over 80 Foreigner Identification Cards to process.  Yea!  I am getting pretty good at these things though, I'm way faster at doing these documents then I was when I first got here.  And everything makes  sense.  I understand some of the Peruvian Legal junk when it comes to immigration's, or all the other crazy things I have to do here. That is a nice thing.

I have taken to making a User Manual for the Office Secretary (partially because our Basic Manual suggests that we make one) that includes all the basic information we do here. Woah, It took me about a week to get that to where it is, and It is still missing some info, but is basically there.  With a New Mission President and our Audit coming soon, we have to get back into ship shape... Not a whole lot of stuff, but a bunch of little stuff to do.  Seriously though, with all the stuff I am learning here, it has passed through my mind a few times how it would be to work on the logistics side of the church later on.  

[We mentioned to Elder Holmes that we will be sending a box of cookies to Peru.] Girl Scout Cookie Season!  I got that one!  There was another Elder in the office that didn't understand that reference.  I have come to the conclusion that there was probably one or two years where I bought enough cookies to send the girls to camp.  It will be very odd to come back home and see all the prices.  I will not want to buy anything!  Are you kidding!  3 Dollars!?  I can buy that for one sol (30 cents) in Peru!  I ain't paying that!  That will be an odd change to go through.

The dollar continues to rise here in Peru.  When I got here a while back in Peru... The conversion rate was about 2.88 for 1 USD.  It is now 3.46.  I have been here for a while...

Ok funny note... I went to a local corner store... As there are many, I can go wherever I want... I went in and tried buying a mini packet of Parmesan Cheese.... Its kind of a hard find, but here in Huancayo in the Center, it is a bit easier.  So... I went in  and asked... Do you have any Parmesan Cheese?  No, the woman replied.  But I have Jam.  Would you like Jam?  No.  I want Cheese!  You don't have the powdery Parmesan cheese?  No.  I have Jam.

Well Thanks.  Have a good day.  

What is with that! I don't think she got confused, but sometimes they are just like that and it is very weird!  These are some of the things that I will miss from Peru!

Sorry I don't have more to say, this week was a pretty Paperwork filled week. Nothing special to inform. 

Love you all!

Elder Holmes