Monday, February 22, 2016

Week in Review - February 14, 2016 - February 20, 2016

Well, this week was pretty calm, just a bunch of routine things to do.  The Tour of Elder Godoy finished technically on Sunday afternoon on his way back to Lima.  I got a call from President Henderson informing us that they had made it safely to Lima.  Woo!!  After that we were able to send off Elder Gutierrez, one of the Faithful Assistants to the Mission.  If I am not mistaken he served as an assistant for 10 months, so we made sure he had a good send off.  Normally with the groups that go home, they have a final dinner with the Henderson's in their house.  Well, he was the only one in this group based on timing for his schooling...So as Elder Gutierrez last request he asked that we in the office could eat with them for their last dinner.  Yumm!  

We ended up taking Elder Gutierrez to the airport that is nearby (over 1 hour by car, and driving at President Henderson Speeds) we got there pretty quick.  It was pretty cool too, usually we have to pay a pretty significant amount of overweight charges with this airport to get us to Lima, because they only allow 1 bag of 15 kilos.  Well... Missionaries go home with 23 kilos in EACH Bag, so the church (meaning us the mission) covers their overweight.  We get to the counter and I am processing his overweight fee, we get to the counter to pay it, they look at us... Back at the computer... They had problems with the computer system to pay the overweight.  Being here in Peru I thought they would have told us we couldn't take the additional bags (its a small flight, and they will do that a lot if you come later in) so they just told us... Na... Don't worry about it, we will wave the fees for overweight today.  Woah! In flights here in Peru all the prices are in dollars, and we saved about $150 just without having to pay for that overweight!  It was fun, we stayed at the airport until his flight took of, which was a plane that looked something like this...

While at the airport we found ourselves with a few gringo visitors... Sister Henderson did the usual Local Greeter and welcomer to Peru and helped them get a taxi.  Then we were off, back to the Pension to start the day...

One other day was worthy of mention... usually I have to go to the National Bank to make immigration payments so that we can do the paperwork to keep the missionaries legal here in Peru.  Well, of this many times I have to go to the lovely bank lines which look something like this... On a regular basis  .

So, once you actually get through the line outside, there is another large line inside the building... Once you get to the counter it is another story.  I had to process 30 payments of immigrations, of which can take a while to do, especially with people who arent accustomed to making these payments (there is no immigration office in Huancayo) I make it through the line... Get to the front... Then, I am on payment number 5 and what happens  The national bank system fails.  Stuck in the line.  I have 25 more immigration payments to make, and then suddenly everybody in the line behind me (there are about 8 lines within the building) are yelling, hey!  Gringo!  What is your problem!  What is taking so long!  I had warned in advance those in my line that I was going to be making 30 payments, and they all split up and went to other lines... But these guys were less then pleasant...  Luckily I have made friends a few times in the bank, and they defended me saying the whole system was down and we had to wait... Ya, the system came back within 20 minutes of working on it... And ya quickly we finished... It just wasn't that fun to do.  I really don't like going to the bank... I usually have to go at least 1 time each week.    

And to finish the week off, I called the landlady of the house we rent for the mission and told her goodbye.  We are working on the paperwork a week from today.  I really do not look forward to that, because the house has damages that are equally our and their fault... And a good number of them that aren't the cheapest types of repairs... Maybe we can invite Extreme Home Makeover Edition - Peru to take a look at the place.  I'm sure they would just run away though once they see the house.

That should be it for this week, hope all is doing well at home.. Love you all and will write next week...

-Elder Holmes
Huancayo Peru Mission