Monday, February 15, 2016

Week in Review - February 6, 2016 - February 13, 2016

Elder Holmes and his companion!
The Tour - Huatapayllana - The Tour - Elder Godoy - Traveling

Well to say the least, this week was extremely loaded with things to do.  To start off, we begin with Monday...

Monday:  We went to Huatapayllana.  Again!  Wooooo!!! And guess who I found there!  The Lego Mini-figure that I lost over 2 months ago, was found still waiting on the same rock I left him there...A little weather damaged with all the rain and ice and snow, but it made it through!  I will admit, the trip took a while, and we decided for the weather that it would be best if the two zones would stay together in ONE GROUP.  It was painful for those who wanted to go fast, to go slow and take many breaks, but in the end it was worth it.  We had a bit of snow for a few minutes fall, rain, beating sun... it all came out on us for that day of travel.  But in the end, it was great!

Tuesday:  Today was the Tour Preparation Day.  Elder Godoy of the First Quorum of the 70 is set to come to our mission within 48 hours and we were just running all over the place. Food, transportation for first 60 missionaries, then 36 missionaries, combie transportation, cars, the works.  Hotels, extra rooms, need for beds, Sisters in another house, more rooms, more beds, it was a planning nightmare.  Then, when I wasn't looking, Tuesday turned into Wednesday..

Wednesday:  Elder Godoy showed up today, but not after many prayers that all would work out.  The weather has been quite rainy these last few days, and it has gotten to the point they have canceled a few days of the flights from this airport that we have here in our mission.  And this lovely (international airport) doesn't have runway lights.,  So.... Bad weather means they cancel all of the two flights they have scheduled for the day.  But, he got through... I get the call from Sister Henderson... The´re here.  OK!  Lets get to work!  First all the  missionaries from the Jungle side of the mission had to be sent from their areas (max distance 6-7 hours from Huancayo) to Huancayo for the Multi-zone.  They all stayed the night in our rooms, or in the hotel next to our house, because the plumbing in our house is not sufficient for 30 Elders.  The house infrastructure would collapse.  So, we sent over a majority of the elders from our house to the Hotel telling them I would rent additional rooms just so we could shower at 5:30AM.  He went for it!  30 Soles later!  

Thursday:  Today is the Multi-zone for Huancayo and the Jungle Side of the mission (Don't forget they all came over here)  The Conference was really great, Elder Godoy and his Wife both Spoke, and you can definitely hear their Portuguese Accent when they are talking, and many times words in English and Portuguese just slip out.  Today we had the opportunity as the office staff and President to meet with them and talk about the mission and our responsibilities.  It was a nice meeting which really got down to some of the nitty gritties of what we should and should not be doing... Really great experience.  Also, after the Multi-zone finished, we split paths.  President Henderson and Elder Godoy went down to Tarma (3 hour distance) to give a few devotionals to the Members there.  They stayed the night, while we were traveling from 3PM on to go to Huanuco.  But, for weather reasons it took to long, we just stayed the night at 14,400 feet in Cerro de Pasco about 5 hours away. Man. Was that a cold hotel.  I can tell you though, we rented a cheap heater for 10 soles for one night.  Totally worth it.  Totally Worth It.  

This is an altimeter that Elder Holmes purchased while in Peru.
It shows that the elevation in Cerro de Pasoc (the hotel he stayed in) is 4,110 meters.
If you convert that to feet, 13,484 feet. No wonder he was a bit cold.
That is why it is the highest elevation mission in the WORLD!!
Friday.  We set out bright and early to go down to Huanuco (about 2 Hours from Cerro de Pasco) to get everything ready.  Why?  Because in Huanuco they were going to have the same type of meeting that we had, the multi-zone... but with a twist.  After their multi-zone, we would have all of the mission leaders miraculously show up for a Mission Wide Leadership meeting, in one of the corners of the mission.  Woah!  First time in the history of the mission that was done.  About 70 missionaries were there from Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Leaders were in attendance.  We had to send them from all parts of the mission, which we actually just ended up doing was putting the majority of them in 2 combies and shipping them around the mission.  Then, when they got to Huanuco, we had them go to their hotels, (i had to rent about 20 rooms (2 hotels) for all the visiting missionary leaders)  - They all got there safe and sound, and the meeting in the Huanuco Amarilis Stake Center began.  it was great.  Really great.  In email it is hard to describe how or what went on, but just know that it was all really good.  And it is quite interesting to state and notice how each conference was different, even if they were (planned) to be the same. haha.  Sisters Henderson's Brownies were a hit, and everything just worked out.  

Saturday:  Time to head out!  Missionaries assigned to be at the Huanuco Stake Center at 6:15AM to eat breakfast, so they can get to their areas before nightfall.  What an adventure here in the Peru Huancayo Mission!  Combie Rides back to the main centers of the mission (Tarma and Huancayo) then cars to get to the outlying areas which could be another 5 hours of driving.  I just got back within 2 hours ago, so I am just relieved to be here... Back at home... Ahhh... I am just not a fan of traveling in the back on Peruvian Streets... It is just nice to be home...

Yup!  So thats the week.  Madness, Meetings, and more.  Elder Godoy and his wife enjoyed their travels here (as he leads us to presume) and we are here just giving thanks that we were able to make it through the week.  Hope you week is less eventful then ours, and you find yourselves traveling where you need to and will be able to get there before sun fall. 

Elder Holmes
Peru Huancayo Mission