Monday, November 2, 2015

Week in Review - October 26, 2015 - November 1, 2015

[No pictures this week]

Monday 26th 2015 

Today I have completed 14 months here in Peru. Woah.  I wish I could say we had some awesome lesson or something, but the 3 firm appointments that we had scheduled for the nighttime after P-Day all decided they didn't want to be home. But our afternoon was an interesting one at that.  A missionary in my zone got a type of infection from a bug bite and appears it was contacted by dirty water when he was showering or something, so it just kept getting bigger, so we went to the clinic to get it taken care of.  So, the Elder lifts up his shirt, and the doctor pokes it and goes OH MY, thats quite big.  There, buy these drugs and take them, and if in 3 days it (the swelling) doesn't go down, return here. Well, we returned in 2 days as it had begun to get so large it exploded and the lovely doctor accepted us back, shot it up about 10 times with a thick numbing agent (did NOT) look fun.

Then the doctor went in this Elders infected area began cutting, gouging, etc, to remove it all.  Got it all on video. [Really, Elder Holmes?? Why?] Then I received training on how to clean the new wound (about the size of a nickel-dime) daily, and change the dressing, and the gel net that has to be inserted daily to keep the structure together or something.  So, I have been Dr. Holmes for 5 days cleaning, and dressing the wound.  I even bought surgical gloves, Hydrogen Peroxide, Surgical Tape, the works.  I'm actually enjoying this a bit, ha-ha.  We will see how this progresses, wasn't too expensive, and the mission covers these expenses, so there is no worry there...

Tuesday 27th 2015
Another busy day. Today we had a district meeting with the 2 districts in our zone, and right after had to go to the bus terminal to send off 3 missionaries to Lima, get them a disposable phone so they can communicate with us for these 3 days of immigration junk, and send them off.  Well it would've been great if all 3 got here on time. Only 2 got here on time, and we had to buy another ticket for the other missionary and send them off at a later time, because they HAD to go to Lima for their immigration junk.  So, we got that all figured out, I even bought that missionary a cheaper seat.  Sorry, you get late, without an excuse, you WILL NOT be getting a nice replacement seat.  After lunch, we found a few less actives to teach a few eternal investigators, and finished the day with 2 great investigators.

One of which is reading the Book of Mormon for her own desire, and we acquired a picture Book of Mormon for her kids and is studying them both as a family in the mission, there are a few, but very rare instantaneous where prepared people will find you.  This is about what happened with this family.

They searched us out, and now they are beginning to understand (The Why) behind why they felt the impression to search out the missionaries.  When you teach families like that, then you feel the spirit even more, and just tell them you know there are blessings they can receive, that they aren't even aware of that exist, and can ONLY exist in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  We finished off the night by teaching another investigator the story of the Tree of Life, and ended up asking him where in the photo he felt he was, which really helped us to understand in what way we should continue in teaching him.

Wednesday 28th 2015
So, a while back, I have my Pensionista a coupon for 100 soles off stuff in an electric store, but it is only valid if you spend over 500 soles.  We happened to be commenting a week before that if she had bought a microwave, we would teach her how to use it, and how it can help her save time in all of the kitchen.  Well, today we showed up to the pension, and she had bought the nicest Samsung Microwave I have seen so far!  When we got there she told me, Elder!  I had to use your coupon, it was only good for 2 days, so I bought a microwave!  Now you have to show me how to use it! Hahaha...,, yes, then we will, don't worry about a thing.  :)  I'm not so sure her husband was so thrilled with the purchase, but really they are financially ok.  We finished the day off, fixing a washing machine issue with an older couple, getting 100% soaked because it poured super duper today, even hailed, all for about 1 hour, and we weren't anywhere near cars, and our umbrellas can only protect us from rain from one direction, not from all of them.  In the evening, we had our English class, ya with the rain only 2 showed up, but it was a pretty good English Class.

29 Thursday 2015
So, today we had a lesson with somebody that we had thought was a less active (they found us in the street) but turns out he is an old investigator who was getting ready to get baptized about 1 year ago, but a few things happened and is now ready to listen to us again.  Woo!  Later on, we did an office visit, picked up 2 packages for me!  Woo hoo!  Halloween packages, thank you!  I can tell you that my comp and my roommates and Pension were very happy to get the two Halloween packages!

30 Friday 2015
Fridays sometimes can be a bit boring.  Weekly planning all morning, and sometimes there are days you cannot find anybody:  Today was that day.  We did finish up today visiting one of our investigators, that is progressing by herself, and is taking her family with her.  I just love teaching people who when they just get it you can see their faces light up with understanding.  Its awesome! Today it also rained a bunch, and we got soaked all over again.  Usually, when it is raining, the thing to do here is close your corner store, and not answer the door, because it is raining.  ugh.

31 Saturday 2015
As far as lessons go today, it was a pretty normal day today.  not much to report.

1 November 2015
Back to the Sunday routine.  8 AM in our chapel.  Fast Sunday.  I will not lie, but this church meeting that we had today was the most spiritual I have had in a VERY long time.  Not going to lie, in the mission, you catch yourself dreading Sundays because you are worried about getting your 5 investigators, and your other 5 less actives to come to church, and stay for the 3 hours, answer all their questions, help out in Gospel Principles, attend Ward Council, and help run that meeting as well.  It can become very stressful and tiring.  All in all, things are getting better in our ward, and we are learning to think outside of the box on a lot of things.  For example, I took this example from my mom from home.  There are a few sisters in the ward that don't come to church for a few traumatic events that happened in and outside of the home.  Won't even see the members or as of yet us, in the houses, because of embarrassment for the accident.  So, we have applied the following.  Letters.  We now have a few sisters in the ward assigned to just write letters to these sisters that need to understand that they are still cared about, even if it is difficult to visit them in their homes, I really hope that with some time, this also can bear some fruits.

Woah.  This week passed by really fast, and I'm sure that the following week will pass by even faster.  I love you all, and hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Loved the two packages (grandma-grandpa, and Home) the candy is great, and the pension loves it too.  Hahaha!

Elder Holmes
Huancayo, Peru