Monday, November 9, 2015

Week in Review - November 2, 2015 - November 8, 2015

[No pictures this week.]

Woah.  This week flew.  So much stuff, so little time. I will try to resume it all.

Monday:  An Elder in my Zone got stitches. 15.  Yea.  Today wasn't P-day, because what we did was we had our P-DAY on Thursday as the multi-zone, so on Monday we only did Internet, and had to do normal missionary stuff on Monday.  So, if anything, today was ANTI P-Day.  But everything worked out well.  At lunchtime we got together as the zone leaders of Huancayo, and planned out the last of the stuff for the Multi Zone P-day on Thursday, ate a delicious hamburger, and were off.  

Tuesday:  Today was a kinda slow day. From lunch on, we had a Zone Leader training for all the zone leaders in the mission, in the mission office, ate lunch there, had a salad, yum yum..... It was great.  Anything out of the ordinary no, just a normal training, got to hear a few fun stories from President Henderson, and Sister Henderson, and got the scoops on applying to BYU while I am here in the mission.  Looks like I have some work to do.  yea. 

Wednesday:  Today we had a Family History Training Meeting.  It is kinda funny the way they do it.  It is an Area training that they put together for the local leaders, and it gets distributed and taught even to the missionaries, because they know that here if there is anything that the area wants, they give that responsibility to the missionaries.  So, that is why we found ourselves in this training.  It is kinda funny though because they are teaching us the doctrine of Family History... almost like we don't know it!  Ha-ha-ha. 

In preparation for the Multi-Zone that we will have on Thursday, we had to buy a few Potato Sacks.  30 to be specific.  They just looked at me in the market like... Gringo, why on earth would you want 30 potato sacks?  I tried explaining some of the games we would be doing, but they didn't get it all the way.  I don't think.  

Thursday:  I will send you pictures and info from Thursday on in the next weeks email.  I will probably write it down and send it in a picture or something. 

Love you all!  Hope all is doing well at home, I do miss you all, and hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!  

Love: Elder Holmes
Huancayo, Peru