Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week in Review - November 9, 2015 - November 16, 2015

5th November 2015

Today was the long awaited multi-zone that we had been planning for a bit now... in short we had one of the pensions come and do a BBQ for the 70 plus missionaries that were in attendance.  To change things up from the normal of which is the guys play soccer and the sisters play volleyball (because we cannot play contact sports with the sisters) so we change it up a bit.  The sisters had the opportunity to play soccer, the Elders played (capture the package) which is where I filled up 2 of my packages and used those to play capture the flag.  That was a hit, something that alt of the missionaries had not yet played.  Later we all ate, then had a few different types of races of which included potato sack relay races, 3 legged and 5 legged races, and tractor tire races.  The day ended well, all were happy, all had something to do, and were filled.  All in all, it was a very good activity.

6th November 2015

[This portion was omitted as I couldn't read it at all. Elder Holmes had taken a picture of his letter home and he got some water on it and so about 4 lines are unreadable.] As one of the lovely perks of the trainings we had the Henderson's delicious brownies and continued with the training. All in all everything went well, a few Elders from our zone showed up extremely late, (to being there early as instructed) but everything worked out. Talk to Pres. Henderson about planning the Christmas Devotional and I have now begun my quest for a Christmas tree. Real or fake but, I have located some mini forest, we will see if I go out one day and take out a few trees...

7th November 2015

Saturday is a special day, its the day we get ready for Sunday. Just kidding, that's everyday for us. Today a missionary in our zone had some complications of health, to the point where we had to drop everything, go to this individuals room and take the directly to the emergency room, get the fun shots, x-rays, blood tests, the works. I signed my life away a few times during that trip let me tell you. Whoo, and doing medical negotiations with emergency doctors and lab tech wasn't the funniest thing ever. And getting their results back weren't very fun either - he ended up doing that part on Tuesday but I will just explain it right now -- Agenda list...

This week.  Ok. So I will basically just focus on like 3 things.  Rain.  Huaytapallana.  And Hospital Visits.

Rain.  This week we have been having an increased amount of rain.  I will not lie.  Before the mission I hated using umbrellas, and even now, I'm not a fan, but I will tell you, I am using my umbrella so much here, because you have NO IDEA when it will rain next here!  They say the weather here is like a woman, impossible to predict, but you know its coming.. Hehe.

Huaytapallana. [Click Link HERE to see on Google Maps.] So, as you can see from the 20 some odd pictures. (I took like 300 pictures, but these are the best) we went to one of the highest mountain peaks here, and the highest here in the mission. It is technically still a glacier, as you can see from the photos.  33 missionaries from our Zone, another Zone, and another district attended, and we arranged a bus to take us from our Stake Center here in Huancayo, to this mountain.  Check!

Fogginess and rain, and snow?  Check!  Solar Panel and Camelbak?  Check!  Go!  All in all it was a great activity, wont lie though, there were some sisters and elders that were having a tough time, and as one of the 3 zone leaders that went on the activity, we had to stay behind the last group and help them make it to the top, because it was an easier way back if they had made it over to the other side.

The snow didn't help, and the rain, and cold feet and fingers, but it really did make it a good experience!  PB and J sandwiches, with chips and a drink really made that lunch worth it when we finished the day.  Everybody fell so many times with all the mud that was made with the snow and the slick hillsides of grass, but all is well, it went very well.  There was one group however, that believed they were following another group, and were really just running forward to nothing, because this group had never been to this mountain before, and it had begun to snow.  So, what did we have to do? Run super far, and super fast when we found out they were over there, and take them back to the right path (a path that we had never used before and was covered with snow and fresh mud, and we weren't quite sure at first where we were.)  In the end it all worked out, we got the groups back together, and got back on the path.    I was able to take some pictures of the Lego guy on the lagunas, but... He had an unfortunate end to his life.  He is somewhere still on Huaytapallana Mountain still, somewhere at 15,200 feet above sea level here in Peru.  Hope Brother Scullin likes the photos! Hahaha...  
Poor Lego Guy - Adios

Thanks Elder Holmes....

And lastly... Medical.  So this week we had to go to the Hospital to check up on one of our Missionaries that had to go to the Emergency Room.  But, this hospital is not my favorite, and won't help us get an appointment until something that was 2 weeks later!  So, what did Elder Holmes want to do?  Well, he might have entered the Regional Hospital and taken out the analysis results (something that you usually can NEVER DO) and make it possible to take these results to another clinic that would actually help us.  So, after trips to the following:

Emergency Room
Medical Records Room
Emergency Lab Result Room
Lab Fluids Testing Room
Lab Central
Rights of Documents Claims Office
The Boss
Lab Central - Blood Division
Emergency Lab Room,
Found the original Document, Printed.

What had happened between each of these steps is that they had lost, or redirected the information, so nobody knew where it was!  I was just walking around with the Identification of another individual, who wasn't even my gender, and I was able to take out these results like no big deal... It did take a while, and I did have to talk to the Boss, because it had really frustrated me that they had possibly lost these records.. So here it comes, Gringo making fuss of things... But all of that worked out, I was able to get the results, and I felt like the Ikea commercial, START THE CAR!  hahahaha.... this missionary now has a new appointment and new analysis scheduled for another day.  woo hoo!

So, all in all, everything is good here in Huancayo Peru, Elder Schreiner and I are doing great, there is nothing to complain of here in our Area.  Yes, sometimes doing the things we have to do is stressful, but it all works out, and we are having a great time doing our stuff..  

Hope all is well at home, and that you are doing well!
Love you all!
Elder Holmes

P.S. The reason we all wrote late, is because we had to leave for the Huaytapallana Visit Yesterday at like 6:30 AM and when we got back ALL The internet's were full!  Dang it!  But now we are doing pretty good..... all better now... ahhh....