Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week in Review - November 17, 2015 - November 21, 2015

New Week, New Assignment, New Area

Well hello there!

It might seem odd that I am writing to you all today on Saturday, but it has a bit of reason…I have received a new assignment that doesn't allow me to write on Mondays.  Its kinda an office thing.  A few days ago when I was waiting in the Clinic for something, (I was also on divisions at the time) My companion (I’m in another area, not in my area) gets a call from President Henderson, and he is all like… Elder Holmes, you answer it!  No way man, its your phone!  So, he answers it…. President Henderson says, Hello Elder Castillo, could you pass me to Elder Holmes please?  Dang it… Hello, President?  How can I help you?  
President tells me there is good news and bad news.  One, is that I am leaving Elder Schreiner, and the other is that I am coming to the Office…. To be his Personal Secretary. [I did confirm that this is his personal secretary and not assistant to the president.] Oh.  Well. Um… Ok.  When do I leave? (I'm like a 15 minute taxi ride away)  Well, he says, you needed to be here like yesterday, and the Area really wants him to get all of his secretaries in, so that means we should’ve all been in there like yesterday, but its ok if you come in tomorrow morning.  Oh…. Let me get my stuff together then.  I'm only in a division, so I will have to get back to my room and pack up all my stuff again, and shuttle over to the new house.  

So that’s the story.  I’m in the office now, President Henderson’s Personal Secretary, and when I came to the office with all my bags still in my hands, it must have been perfect timing or something…. I walk in and the current secretary puts his keys and secretary fund in my shirt pocket, hands me the phone and says (I'M DONE!) and I am suddenly found talking to the local area representative for our mission on the phone, and I have no idea what is going on, or who I am even talking to!  Man 'o Man, did I have some questions for this guy on the other end that was in Lima.  But, things are all working out…  I’m soaking up all the information that I’m supposed to be soaking up, Apparently President Confides in me, well at least enough to not mess up all the plane tickets, bus tickets, transfers, Immigrations, Hotel Reservations… We shall see with those.  I have already bought a bunch of bus and plane tickets, organized trips for migrations, and that is just with the few days I have here… Since Tuesday Afternoon.  Woah.  So, from now on, my P-Days are Saturdays, unless something comes up or there is something else planned for the week.  

So, my new companion is Elder Islas, from Mexico, but the funny part about that is that because I am in my training for my new assignment, I haven’t really been with him very much, mostly with Elder Livingston, who is my Personal Sec Trainer (He was-is right now) So I am assuming I will be with Elder Islas when the real transfer comes up on December 2nd.  So, for the meantime I am in my training for this, freaking out every once and a while about what I need to do next, who to call, what mission needs information from us, or who we need to send through other missions… Ugh… It’s not that hard, but there is a lot to keep track of, that is what I would say is the hardest thing right now.  Oh yea, and I think I receive like (NO JOKE) over 40 calls every day right now for little and bigger things that have to get resolved.  Once I get my hand on everything and I understand what it is that they want or need to get done, that will be much much much easier.  

I hope all is well at home, that you are all enjoying your Holiday Season, and that you are all able to do the things that you want to in this time of year.  

*Side note.  I have already bought a batch of bad bus tickets from Huancayo to Lima, and had to get those fixed.  Luckily it wasn't a hard thing to do…. 

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Huancayo, Peru