Monday, July 20, 2015

Week in Review - July 13, 2015 - July 19, 2015

Lima, Peru Temple
Darn it!  I left my letter all written out in my room, so I will have to write it as I remember it this week. 

Monday -  Today we had a relaxing P-Day, not to much to write about, we played some Monopoly, and went to the chapel and played some games with the other missionaries.  In the evening though is when we had a great lesson.  We were teaching one of our Less Active Families that we are in the process of reactivating, and I decided that we should do something special for them this week.  So I invited the Family History Director for our ward to our Family Home evening, and also made a few laminates of the Temple in Lima and the Family Proclamation to the World for them.  But, with a twist, we laminated dates for when (If they remain active) do Proxy Work, and also Seal as a family in the Temple.  And they are laminated, so that they cannot change the dates.  It truly was a great family home evening, and the daughter who is like 25 came up to me a few days later in the church and told me that this is the first time that her family has desires to do anything with the church, and they have desires to go to the temple now, as before they didn't really place the importance, or the desire to go because it was to far.  But now, there are desires for them to go, and they really are happy for the little gift we made for them.  Their only homework from us this week was to put it up on their wall so they will see their goals daily.  It was a great night. 

Tuesday - Today we had our District Meeting.  As usual, because I am the district leader, I give a quick little training on something.  So this week, we did a training on the importance of the temples, and how we can help our investigators and the less actives to really understand the importance of the temple. 

After the District meeting we had lunch, and then went off to a lesson with another Less Active, spur of the moment.  And we found her husband there as well!  Usually that doesn't happen.  Quick background is that he knows a BUNCH of stuff about the gospel, a BUNCH, but still remains less active.  We had a lesson with them today about the 10 commandments, and how the Sabbath Day is mentioned in more scriptures then anything else in the 10 commandments.  I think we struck a nerve with them, because for the first time in the 10 weeks that I have been here he came to church.  And stayed for the 3 hours!  It was a great change to see in this last week. 

Wednesday - Only one big thing happened today.  We were teaching a family in the street because we usually don't teach inside of her house.  Well basically what happened is an old man, the father of the person we are teaching (The investigator is like 40 years old) came out and yelled at us in a very unprofessional way telling us that we shouldn't teach, and that she shouldn't listen to us and a bunch of dumb stuff... Yup.  She didn't come to church this Sunday for the first time in months.  Not quite sure what we are going to do with her, she loves church, but doesn't keep the commitments because of her father.  Well.....

Fursday (With the Accent that they say Jueves here they say it Fueves)
The highlight of today was our lesson with a lawyer that is a less active we are teaching.  I will be brief.  This has taken many cases that are shady in the first place, and that is still following with her with some of this individuals cases. Anyways, we were teaching this individual, and this individual was very exited that they were going to win this case.  Out of curiosity we asked what it was, and found out that there were some moral issues that this lawyer was avoiding to tell the judge which could drastically change the outcome of the case, and very well the well being of the child that is in this case.  I won't get into the details, but Satan worshipers, and prostitutes.  I never thought that I would have to remind a lawyer about their responsibility.  I asked this individual straight up what their responsibility is as a lawyer, and they told me.... To Preserve and Find Justice and the Truth.  And I straight up asked this individual if they were fulfilling with their responsibility to the common good.  And the answer was no.  I can tell you that this lawyer went to their case with the determination to lose, because they finally realized that some of the actions that this person was taking will very possibly have eternal consequences.  The case hasn't ended yet, and this lawyer has dropped this client as they do not want any future problems.

I will note we did not make the advice to her, merely we taught here about the morality of the situation, and that this individual should do all that is possible to find the justice and the truth, and not hide what this individual found out int he investigation from the judge. 

Woah.  Never thought I would be doing that in the mission either!  Just another thing to add to the list I guess!  And this person is now attending church, and has their interview scheduled with the Bishop. 

Friday-Saturday:  NO Pasa nada. 

Not sure if this is the Patriarch and his wife, they don't
look that old. lol

Sunday - Today was the day of Chicken Here in Peru.  So naturally, unlike any other day, we ate Chicken.  Surprise!  We were invited to eat with the Patriarch and his wife, they are super old, like 90 years old this week!  We had permission to eat their because our new pension that we will be changing soon was preparing the food, so there wasn't any issues there.  And I will tell you, it was very delicious.  Maybe because all day we didn't have even 1 grain of rice.  Ahhhh... No Rice.

Also, worthy of mention, I had a talk today.  15 Minutes.  Guess what the theme was!? The Mission Work.  Hahahaha..I took the theme and modified it a bit.  Plan of Salvation, and that now we know this, and are refreshed, what will we do with this information.  We need to share it.  It was super difficult to squeeze all of the Plan of Salvation in 15  minutes, but it is possible for me to do it, and speak very fast.  Woo hoo!!!  

Ward Council was also very good this week.  We talked about everything that we needed, and nobody complained.  It was great!

Oh... and this week I was shocked by the shower head 2 times.  It hurt.  I don't have much desire to use hot water right now,.... But sometimes, you just break down and do it....

Hope you love the photos, and the info from this week, all is going well here, and My little son Elder Cano is learning a bunch.... We will see if there are transfers next week or not, I don't think so, because I have to finish training, but we will see!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco (City of Dust), Peru