Monday, July 13, 2015

Week in Review - July 6, 2015 - July 12, 2015

Moroni 9:1
"My beloved son, I write unto you again that ye may know that I am yet alive; but I write somewhat of that which is grievous."

As usual, there usually isn't a normal week here in the mission, but I will do my best to describe the week we had here.  I'm sorry if there are many errors in this email, the keyboard doesn't respond very well to my typing here.  There is probably some squished up drugs or something stuck between the keys....

Starting with P-day, we went to a place named Pilcomoso, and as you will see in some of the photos it was a fun climb.  We did pass through some weird stuff, like witchcraft, candles and a million beer bottles offered as some sort of sacrifice... Yup, we pass though that part pretty fast so we could get to the top.  I uploaded some photos of that adventure , as well as where in the world went my little Lego guy.  Hope you all enjoy those!

This week we also had interview with President Henderson.  No big deal, I really like our President, the interview you always leave feeling a bit better, and ready to keep working. And it is a nice time to talk about our areas, and the needs that we have as missionaries in our areas, and our needs personally.  

So, this week we did a service project, we took apart a 50 year old couch so that a member could refinish it as part of his job.  All I could think about was the Frasier episode, this disgusting couch that nobody wanted, and Frasier accidentally tipped it over the edge and it was destroyed, and there was absolutely nobody who even made this material anymore. Well, this couch was like that, and As Frasier said, it is now the most expensive piece of furniture in his house.  Hahaha,,, this couch was so disgusting!  But we took it apart, and now it works well so that he can repair it. 

There were a few other things we did this week, but they weren't that big of items, I just wanted to make sure I got that in.  

Elder Holmes

Huanuco, Peru