Monday, May 18, 2015

Week in Review - May 11, 2015 - May 17, 2015

Last day in Satipo - The Jungle (Saturday) before his transfer

Guess where I am? In the best climate of the world? Well..that's what they say...I had emergency transfers...I'm in Huanuco! [This was his first area but a different ward.] And...I'm District Leader now...

So, a bunch happened this week.  A hop, skip, and a jump through a few messy remains of a landslide, and I change from Satipo, to Huanuco!  Yes, I have returned to my land of Huanuco, but now I am in the Ward, Colonial. And, a few things have changed too.  I am now the District Leader for this little section of Huanuco.  Ok, that was a surprise to me!  

Very proud of the water tank he was able to get

And with that, I also had to say goodbye to a bunch of friends that I have made in Satipo, almost 6 months there... Woah... I knew every nook and cranny of Satipo, where are the cool people, the weirdos, the people that like to mess with us, and the people we can mess with.  The Best Ice Creams, and where are all the waterfalls.  Now, I am here in Huanuco, and all we have is the hike to the Cross that I have already done 3 times, and Kotosh... I did that twice also.  Time to invent new things to do! But, I am beyond excited for this adventure!

Sorry, my letter is a bit short this week, finally I have internet normal, and I need to download some stuff from the church.  I promise that the following week will be bigger and better, but just know that all is well, I'm here in Huanuco, in Ward Colonial, and am keeping myself very busy!  

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru

Arturo Fuero and his Moto Taxi - Elder Holmes Transportation

P.S. Arturo Fuero and his Moto Taxi... I had him collect me and take me to the Taxi Station, as he was my first taxi in Satipo, and that is how we found him and baptized his family... because he was my first taxi.. so, we decided it would be awesome if he was my last one as well.....