Monday, May 4, 2015

Week in Review - Apr 27, 2015 - May 3, 2015

Remember a few weeks ago Elder Holmes had to go and retrieve
a water tank? And he talked about this suspension bridge that he
had to go over? This is the bridge where he took that water tank,
while it was pouring down rain. I can't imagine.
Oh wow... Last week in this transfer!  We have transfers in the last week we have been doing everything like we would normally, but also we know that there are transfers... And most likely I am one of the missionaries in Satipo to leave, because I have the most time here of everybody. This week I won't do a break down of everyday, but more of what kind of stuff happened this week.

Ok, so one of the days we taught a super old guy, who frankly is working on his passport out of this world.... He is basically doing the deathbed repentance right now, and I cannot find much of me to find sympathy for him.  He wants to listen to us because he knows he needs to, but still cannot find it in himself to do what is necessary to complete a few things.  He will be one of the people in the spirit world waiting to be taught, and waiting for family to complete his baptism for him, if he doesn't get his act together here soon....  And that will not be a fun wait in the Spirit world...

Taught my English Class like I normally do, and as I love, there were about 25 people there, a good sized class to do what we wanted to!  It is just my hope that after we have the transfers that there will still be English Classes here, as there are many many people, investigators, less actives, and more that all attend here to practice their English.  I love it!  I will always love teaching English Class!

If you look really close you can see their machetes.

Other thing of mention is that we went and did service in the Farm of my Pensionista... Yup. We used Machetes to cut the grass that was about 3 feet tall.  Weed whackers exist here, but most people just use machetes... So, that is what we used.  A blister later, and we finished out work.  

Work completed
Also, later on in the week was Labor Day in Peru!  Nobody was working, they were all wasted or something... But surprisingly no Beer Parties for 3 days... maybe they will do that later... So, what we did is that my Pensionista cooked Pachamanca in the Earth for us. Look it up, [Click here] or look at the photos.. Yucca, Potatoes, Yams, Chicken, Beans, a bunch of food... all cooked in the Earth..  It was super yummy, super filling, and a day later, I was super sick.  I kinda still am lingering, and MOM I am telling you this in confidence (keep this in the letter for other moms to read) but I threw up once at home, and another time in the street.  I totally don't feel bad anymore when I through up in the street.. hahaha....

Hopefully today we are planning our 5 de mayo party... yes, we know that today is the 4th, but there are transfers and we might not be able to do it tomorrow... So, hopefully there are photos the following week!

Can't wait to see you all, and talk to you on Skype!  Still don't know if it is Saturday or Sunday, but I will do my best!  [The missionaries get to call or Skype home two times a year, once on Christmas and the other on Mother's Day. Elder Holmes and myself emailed back and forth while he was online and since he may be transfered this week, he doesn't know where he will be or what will be available. So we are staying home this weekend and will wait for his call either Saturday or Sunday. Nobody call us. lol - text only as we wait to hear from him. Very exciting. I will keep you posted in future post and maybe post a video of Elder Holmes.]

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru