Monday, March 30, 2015

Week in Review - Mar 23, 2015 - Mar 29, 2015

Elder Holmes and Elder Inkley both
from California
Finally on!

I have been trying for over 1 hour to login to the churches updated browser... It stinks!  But I'm on, and I don't know for how long....  I'm all good and safe... in Satipo... all is good. [About one hour after that quick email from Elder Holmes, we get a bit more from him and three pictures.]

Well, over 1 hour later, I was able to login to my Internet... Not only is the internet here super crap, but the church just came out with a 2.0 of the and it is super crap.  So... If there are other parents that are freaking out because they didn't get emails, its probably thanks to this new interface.  Needless to say, I left a very kind email for the feedback team, signed from the 88,000 missionaries in the field....  :)

So, my email will be reduced this week, but it sufficieth me to say that we had Transfers.... I am still here in Satipo.  I am totally fine with that, I love it here!  And yes, our Transfers were delayed a few days because they are dependent on the missionaries coming in from Lima CCM.  Which as you know was unable to happen because of the landslides and flooding between Huancayo (Mission Office) and Lima.  So they flew them instead, and then we did Transfers a few days later.  I am now with Elder Camacho, who is from Bolivia!  So, now I have had companions from Peru, Chile, California, and Bolivia!  Awesome!

Oh yea, and I really have to practice my Spanish more now, because there are only the sisters in my district that understand English... So yea, no breaks for the weary.

I wish I could email more but I still have to write president if this freaking computer will let me... (Don't cut that out of the blog... I want people to know how dumb the internet is down here!!!) [That makes me laugh. So there, I kept it in. lol]

Love You all, and I am doing totally fine down here.

Elder Holmes

Satipo, Peru