Monday, March 16, 2015

Week in Review - Mar 9, 2015 - Mar 15, 2015

Truthfully, I have absolutely no clue what to write this week.  I don't know what I am just so brain dead right now, nothing bad has happened I am just so blank!

If you want, you can spice up the answers I sent to you for my email, but the following below will just be bullet points, I'm seriously not quite sure on what to write this week, I didn't get a chance to pre-write.... [We asked him some questions in a separate email and I will add them at the end. He has some great answers.]
Love the Lego Guy

The search for the perfect wedding cake ends this week as we are finishing wedding planning and also planning for the subsequent baptism.  We are all just giggles down here....

Just like the monkey in the 1st Indiana Jones movie

Today for the P-day we went to the local hill and climbed it... Pretty fun, we packed a lunch and took it there.

My bug bites are going down... I only have like 30 now... only the ones on my feet itch me right now.....

English Class is growing, this last week we had over 20, and I ran out of copies... Maybe its time for me to make a how to English Book.... Hahaha....

Spanish is coming better for me.  From the words and conjugations that I know I am able to speak those pretty well and fast... From what I am still learning that takes time....I will admit, I cannot wait to talk with a few of my friends from work and school in Spanish when I get back.... 

Received a package from my Grandparents and I love it.  Pure Easter candy.. And  A letter of course..... Candy candy candy!  Peanut M&M's, I can tell you we were happy missionaries in Ward council on Sunday...... hahahaha!

We are still collecting rain water to shower, poop, and everything.... Its just lovely... You can know that one of us is showering because there will be a sharp scream of OHHHHH  Cold water!!!!   hahhahahaha.... [This whole time I totally forgot that they can't heat the water. Wow!]

All is well here in the Jungle, I do miss my family, my work, and my friends... but for the things I am doing, and Experiencing, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru

[Questions and Answers. I sent him an email with some of these questions and he answered them. Enjoy!!]

Note: He just got his haircut this morning and was talking about how itchy he was. I asked if he missed getting his haircut from his mom! He answered, Yes, yes I do!

1. What kind of phone do you guys have, smart or dumb phone?
We all have dumb phones. Nokia something.... It's super dumb, but we do have phone credit and a part of our number has a # which means that anyone else who has that in front of their phone number we can call each other for free.... without using our phone credit! Woo!!
The Elders were playing with that large spider and making
spider shadow puppets. This is the large one mentioned.

2. We see a lot of bright colored birds and butterflies when we do searches, have you seen any of the birds or crazy insects? Like jungle bugs, like you called them.
There is a bunch of cool birds, butterflies, and other weird things that fly into my room at night.  Flying Cockroaches are one, spiders that are bigger than the palm of my hand are another.....

3.How often do you have zone and/or district meetings?
District Meetings are every week, Zone are every month after the Zone leaders get their training they train us...

4. How far do you think you walk everyday? He didn't answer this one. We will try again.

5. Do they still call you gringo?
Every once and a while I am called Gringo here... but there are 4 others here in Satipo, so not much anymore...

6. Do you do splits in your ward?
Splits every once and a while... But remember that we are all trying to do that sometimes, and so that makes it difficult for us to find enough for each sets of the companion.  So, no, not really...

7. Do you get harassed by local government or police?
We don't get harassed by government or police, in fact  from what I have seen and talked with, they are fine with us, no big deal...

8. how has your health been so far
Good... I'm not eating a whole bunch, but other then dumb little things I'm totally fine....

9. What is your favorite topic to study in the scriptures?
Favorite topic in the scriptures, I don't have one yet.... I kinda just go all over the place and am studying for the different topics we are teaching...

10. What do they serve for breakfast? What is typical?
Breakfast here in the jungle is usually their version of toast or bread with bologna inside of it. 

I will admit, I am eating SO MUCH LESS than I was before this area... SO MUCH LESS.  I am only having juice for dinner, and my breakfasts are small too!"    Its weird... Maybe my metabolism is slowing down!!!

I guess you are losing the weight that you gained in your first area??

Nope.  I'm the same.. That's the weird part... Did I mention that a few weeks ago, I ate cow stomach as part of the meat for my plate!  Yup... I was visiting another pensionista [cook] here......

How does cow stomach taste? 

I swallowed it whole... I almost gagged.... Well I actually did, but I didn't let the person see it.....  Never again.....  UGHGHGHGHG

Note: Here at home, last week, we had some trouble with our main sewer line (roots growing in the main line) so for 24 hours we had to 'practice' some the techniques the missionaries need to use in Peru. We shared our sympathies with him and this was his reply:

Yuck!   It totally reminds me of the plumbing here!  There is so many times where the plumbing just goes into the street, you pass it and smell.. Then you are 100 percent aware of what that is....