Monday, April 6, 2015

Week in Review - Mar 30, 2015 - Apr 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Well, this last week has been busy, rainy, and we even had Easter with all of that,  Oh yea, and Conference! General Conference, [If you aren't a member of the LDS Church, CLICK HERE to see what General Conference is all about.] was a great way to end the week, and to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the impact this has on each and every one of our lives....So, we shall begin...

So, as you all might know, the internet stinks here and I was unable to do and write what I wanted to last week so I will fill you in on a bit...

Elder Camacho, he is from Bolivia 

I have a new companion, and his name is Elder Camacho, and he is from Bolivia.  So, as of yet I have had companions from Peru, Chile, United States, and now Bolivia.  Woo!  He is pretty cool, and I totally understand him and he understands me.... we kinda are aware that this transfer is probably only for the rest of these 6 weeks, because I am probably out of here after that... But all is going well, we get along great, and we have a good time sharing stories and stuff from home....

Another worthy mention of this week is:
I ate Shrimp.  

That is so unheard of, so I had to tell her thank you SO MUCH, and especially since I haven't eaten it in so many years before that, it really was a treat!

 I'm also taking to teaching my pensionista how to cook other foods in different formats, which is part of the reason I am asking for recipes from Home, so I can translate them for them to cook for us... They love cooking food from different places, so If you get your hands on any recipes Mexican, I would love that too!

Conference was great!  Yes, I watched it all in Spanish, and Understood just about all of it, it is funny to listen to the translators when they get up to President Uchtdorf and he spoke in a moment in German, I don't think they knew.... it was hilarious.. Oh yea, and when they were all singing, the music when we hear it is also in English... Yup.  I sung in English as well as the other two sisters here in Satipo.  English Represent!

Please tell everyone that if I don't respond it isn't because I don't love them, it is because it is EXTREMELY Difficult to send all the stuff I want in the short amount of super crap internet time that I have (Craig is one of them)

Oh, I did get the Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa... Thanks!  It was delicious! And I got yours [from mom] with the Peanut Butter... I ate that for Conference with the other missionaries...

I have more to say, but of course no time to say it... I have a plan to send more info next week, but it will have to wait..

Love you all!  Hope you enjoyed conference!

Elder Holmes

Satipo, Peru