Monday, March 9, 2015

Week in Review - Mar 2, 2015 - Mar 8, 2015

So, if you haven't been able to tell from my other emails, when it rains down here everything shuts down.  No Joke.  If people have an appointment to go to and it begins to drizzle, all plans are canceled because of rain.  And no.  This is not because it is super duper heavy rain or anything, that is just how it is....  I'm sure that if somebody didn't show up to work because of the [rain] their boss would probably be alright with it. Ahhhhhh.... So many people just don't want to work or do anything when there is rain!  That is the excuse that just bugs me so much is we will ask something of someone, and will ask them why they didn't do it, and they will be all like, "Elder, it was raining..."  Do you know how annoying that phrase is!!!

For P-Day we just stayed close to home and made Sugar Cookies as a district and I added some of my M&M's to the cookies to make them super delicious.  But other than that, we just hung out that day and watched some church films. 

Another topic worthy of mention is that we have found a new person to teach.  I won't go into super details, but it is a clown with all that is entailed of being a professional clown.  There is a drinking issue and double that with the fact that this individual is also a clown... Reminds me of a movie....

Anyways... We are working with this individual to help out and do whatever we can...

Tzancuvatziari.  Music to my ears.  This is the name of the Government office for one of the outlying provinces in Satipo that we will be using for the wedding that we are planning for March 20th 2015.  So much cheaper over there than it is using the local government building.  Go figure!  Part of that though is that as a church we always strive to make sure that couples living together are married as to not obstruct the Commandment found in the scriptures right? So, the Government office knows that, we kinda get a deal with them as members because they know that we will always be bringing people in to get married!  Something, that is less than common down here in Peru, where it is just so hard and expensive logistically to get married!

So, the search continues for the perfect wedding cake!  I will tell you, I didn't think for a second that part of my mission would be planning weddings!  But, this is just one of the many things I have learned how to do on the mission!

English Class is progressing well as we still have a steady stream of faithful students who will come, however there were a few less this week for reason of the Youth Temple trip to Lima. About 20 or so people went to the Lima Temple from Satipo to go and do Proxy Work *Mom, if you could insert the video from the church on Why Mormons build temples*  

So, with them all leaving I just collected a bunch of my money, gave it to a youth that I like, and had him go shopping for me in Lima at the Distribution Center.  Loaded up on some of the DVD's, Church Gospel Art Book, Audio Book of the Book of Mormon to copy to flash drives for members, etc... It was like Christmas!!!

Ward Council is always fun, as new drama comes up every week.  Just love telling them what we need, and watch looks on peoples faces... But in reality, things are looking up, and things are working well...

All in all, things are great here in Peru, Still catching water for my showers, to use the toilet, to drink.. hahaha... Planning weddings, Learning more Spanish, Teaching English, rain, waterfalls, using Honda Moto taxis, buying soft serve ice cream every time I pass one, the works...

They are called Honda Moto taxis...look them up... that is what we use to get everywhere... so fun, and I'm sure that dad will now want to make one!

Hope all is well back at home!  I'm loving the jungle!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru

[PS: Andrew had some extra time to answer some questions that we had. So we will post them here. Enjoy!!]

Question: Do you have a favorite fruit that is down there? 
Answer: MANGO!  MANGO Juice... or maybe the Banana Juice... You would love these cooking bananas they have here... they are tough and only used for cooking or for drinks... not the ones from home...
Question: How are your clothes etc holding up? Need anything?
Answer: Clothes are doing good.. I will admit though, I do NOT Like these shoes... The traction stinks!  I have slipped and fallen, and almost fallen so much!  When I find a good shoe guy, Im having him resole my shoes..... they are super waterproof though!
Reply: Sorry about the traction on your shoes, but glad they are holding up.
Answer: Oh yea, they are doing pretty good, just am going to get them resoled here soon... Shouldn't be an issue, there are a bunch of hole in the wall stores here...
Question: Do you have running water yet? Still catching your water in buckets? I bet U use your UV filter a lot.
Answer: I do use it actually, and we did get water turned on today, but the presure is so low that only one faucet in the house can work at a time... We will see how long it stays on, becasue we have been teased with this before!
Question: Will you be able to watch [LDS] General Conference LIVE, or will it be recorded and you will watch it later?
Answer: We will be watching conference live.. All the church buildings have Satellite, so it won't be an issue... And if they don't, they have pretty decent internet.. I will be watching it wherever I am... Since transfers are before the Conference....
Reply: I'm glad you can watch it live, cause we can watch the same thing at the same time. Love that.
Answer: But, I will be in Spanish!
Question: Do you think you will be transfered this next time at the end of the month?
Answer: Well, my companion has 2 weeks less than I do here in Satipo... but he only has 3 transfers left after this.... so wherever he goes next will probably be where he ends his mission.. my guess... We really have no clue as of right now....

Andrew told us that he has a little extra time on the Internet because of the slow connection and that we can ask him a few questions. So we will post what we find out. Until next time...]