Monday, December 1, 2014

Week in Review Nov 24, 2014 - Nov 29, 2014

Elder Holmes and Elder Whitaker
So, not a whole lot to write about this week, Got a Haircut, Climbed the Cross again, and just did Missionary Stuff!  Next week I will give you a whole day in the life of a missionary from Wake Up to sleep and all the fun stuff we do.  But for this week, this is what I have. 

Elder Holmes, 
Huanuco, Peru

Nov 24th 2014

Guess what we did today!  1st we went to metros and bought some snacks (Backer goodies) for the day.  I loved being in an industrial commercial sized and cleaned building.  I miss that.  After this, off we went to lunch and had Hamburgers!  To much to ask for normal french fries, but the burger was great!  Anyways, so afterwards we went and climbed up the cross that overlooks Huanuco, Yes... Again... But it was fun!  Took some more pictures and am sending a photo that has other missionaries for all the other families.  I also took another photo with Elder Whitaker who was in my district in the CCM and he is here too.  Such a great guy and I love being able to talk to him occasionally and relate on the new things we are both doing and experiencing here in Peru.

Nov 25th 2014

Well, others are beginning to receive their Christmas packages too, and you should see... Not the faces of the missionary, but of their companions and how excited they are that their companion has a package because everyone knows that you basically HAVE to share. [It is a unsung tradition among families to basically send 2 of everything so their missionary can share with their companion. You just don't know if their companions are receiving anything from home. So we do the same. We make sure there is 2 of everything.]

I also had a great opportunity to begin teaching a new investigator who was one of my contacts and has invited us to return.  I don't know when, but I just love the latter end of the generations here... 60+

Nov 26th 2014

So today we spent some time with a strong family in our ward (Other photo last week under the sign Cajamarca) and the mother of the family is a teacher who entered a National Contest to write a paper regarding an aspect of industry in Peru. The paper was titled something to effect of The light of Huanuco which won 1st place national! 

So part of what she won was a new laptop and a 7 day all expense paid trip for 21 to anywhere in Peru!  They leave for Cusco next month!  So awesome!

Also, as usual we helped out in Seminary which this week is just reviewing because the school year is just about finished.  They end about Dec 15th and will start back up around March!

Nov 27th 2014 - [Nothing to report.]

Nov 28th 2014

Today was the last day of seminary, and for work related reasons, the seminary teacher could not attend, so as missionaries we took care of teaching the class.  It was a great experience to wrap up with these youth, Seminary, scriptures, and the importance of persevering to the end.  I know that it is tough for these youth, because they do not have the family backbone supporting many of them.  They all have the desire but basically only have each other and those in the ward to rely on.  Well, and us of course!  The evening was so well that the youth decided they would like to continue some sort of religion class during their time off from school.

Nov 29th 2014

Only note for today is that I am trying to teach the Peruvians how to speak English of Course, and the difference in pronunciation of a "Sheet of Paper"and a S*** of Paper"I will not lie, they pronounce it exactly the same... my new goal this next week to emphasize.  Pronunciation.

Elder Holmes, 
Huanuco, Peru

[Elder Holmes did let us know that he sent his first Pouch Mail to his family. We are very excited to receive that in the next few weeks.]

If you look close enough, Lego Guy

So love the Selfie. You have to know,
he was never a fan of Selfies.... loving the haircut too.