Monday, November 24, 2014

Week in Review Nov 17, 2014 - Nov 23, 2014

Looking over the city of San Luis, Huanuco, Peru
Hello All!

I hope you are all enjoying your time off this week as you take time to be grateful for what you have in your lives.  For one I am thankful for all the experiences that I am having here in Peru with these wonderful people, some of which I have had the opportunity to share with you, and others I just have not had the time to.  This was an eventful week, with the Transfer of Missionaries and all, (I did not transfer), I am still with Elder Chapeton from Lima, Peru here in San Luis, Huanuco, Peru)

All is well, And I would be lying if I said I don't think of home form time to time.  

November 17th 2014

Today was P-Day ad to start the morning we finished our other service project of installing a new cement floor.  We didn't do much else today, played some soccer, but overall it was kinda boring.  

November 18th 2014

Well, today we visited a family that was actually my first family I visited and gave a blessing of Health to Hma Mesa, the wife of the house has a amazing skill to either Create from scratch plush animals or make photos 3d like so they have depth when you put them on the wall.  It is amazing what people have the ability to do and create when they have the time. Oh you, I still cannot get over how nice the people are and their culture is with others.  I'm not saying they are perfect, but if there was one thing we could learn from her as North Americans is to be more loving with talking, working, and just being with others.

November 19th 2014

So for today the big news is that our meetinghouse flooded.  So, off we went.  Turns out the Primary Bathroom (Yes, they have their own secret one) broke with there was no water, so when the water turned on the other day it flooded the whole 1st floor.  Luckily all is tile except Primary, so it was relatively easy to clean.  

November 20th 2014

District Meeting
I ate Hot Dogs on a stick with mayonnaise.  Way better mayonnaise down here....

November 21st 2014

I suppose the highlight of my day today was when I was buying toilet paper... Wait, it gets better... And I was able to have a full on conversation with the lady who owns the little corner store and just talk about life as a North American being here in Peru, Learning new things, and we both totally understood each other and it just flowed.  One thing led to another and we have a date to return and teach next week.  Yea, I have my hopes up, but at the very least I am having moment s of where I just get it....

November 22nd 2014

Today we had a Ward Activity which we missionaries were invited to participate in.  Anything from food, to you acting out a quick music skit.  First the food, we had , was approved by our Bishop/Pension, so do not worry about that and the food was actually different types from around Peru, so I got to experience a bit of it all.  All in all a lot went on, but it was a good experience to see, smell, and experience different parts of the ''food culture'' of Peru.  At the very least, I'm glad the food I had the opportunity to taste and judge came from those who we are trust by our Pension Bishop. Ahhh.. Because I know that will not happen very often.

November 23rd 2014

I'm in the Peruvian Club Now... From being told to dump dirt into the street and keep it there, to today and eating a large Hamster (Cuy) I might as well just be here for the next couple years!  I will admit that I like it, the skin is a bit stretchy, but yummy as well as the meat.  It is similar to chicken but not close enough to say that t is.  I did draw the line when they suggested I eat the Hands. I'm just glad the head was not on my plate.

One thing today that has me utterly baffled, is during all the Hymns today, In church, I just couldn't help but just cry. Not sure if it was a happy / sad but only during the Hymns.  It felt as if something was amiss but I couldn't tell or stop it. And I can tell you it wasn't home sickness, It is just something that I cannot explain. Maybe I will find out sometime, I do not know...

All in all, I am understanding more of Peruvian Culture, Language, and just how to do stuff as Missionaries. It is my hope and prayers that all is good back at home and you all enjoy your Thanksgiving, as I will be enjoying Rice. :)

Élder Holmes
San Luis, Huanuco, Perú