Monday, December 22, 2014

Week in Review Dec 15, 2014 - Dec 21, 2014

Woah, it's Christmas this week....

Well, because of the time and convenience, I am writing this email post in a plain *here's what happened* kind of format.

Remember last week when I said I was going to go crazy with my credit card a t the New Totus?  Well, as I am sure you noticed, there was 0 activity on my card. Even when I told them that I have used it in Peru before, and it was a Visa that they recognized, they were calling in a manager, it was a mess, all just to find out if they could use it or not.  So to avoid the trouble, I noticed during the confusion that they also accept U.S. $ and so I actually thought ahead and brought a bit, and was able to use it .. Woo hoo!  Who knew that would be easier than using my universal credit card? [I guess we ever see any Visa commercials and they say that it can be used anywhere. I will laugh. Good thing he has some cash, U.S. money no less.]

So, this might not sound like a perfect missionary thing to say, but I want to have it in my blog for future missionaries to read. We've all heard that there will be companions that you either don't like, or do not get along with, etc.. I knew that day would come, but I was hoping it wouldn't come until had more time in the field.  Never allow yourself to become discouraged, even if you have the extreme difficulties with your companions. I am not talking about language barriers, we are past that, *enough that it isn't an issue* but it is the cultural differences, habits that others are accustomed to in their proper places, that you might not be.

But the hardest thing to overcome or to persevere though is patience with them, and with yourself.  There may be things that they pick at that are super dumb, but just stick through it, and always remember that you can at the very least attempt to resolve the issues in companionship inventory which has been a very big help in our companionship. I will admit publicly though, transfers are on Dec 31st, and I won't be crying at this switch up.

Also, we had a stake Relief Society activity where we sang as a ward mini choir *and won I might add* and they noticed my voice was deeper than all of theirs, so they utilized me , ahh... I know... I don't have the best voice, but it appears so much better here!!!

We've encountered 2 new investigators while searching for mentors in the ward, and we can say now that the both are committed to baptism|!  Doesn't mean a whole lot at this point, but they are super receptive and have invited us back...

It is these kind of experiences that make the time I have feel so much shorter and brings a different type of happiness into your life, when you have the opportunity to teach and affect another's life... For eternity.

Elder's Holmes, Whitaker, (not sure) and Elder Bell
So, the highlight of this week was our P-day on Monday, then our Multi Zone conference on Tuesday.  5 zones, all met in Huanuco for our Christmas Devotional.  From special Christmas videos to watch, to pizza, fettuccine, Ice Cream, and even a gift from President Henderson, and his wife. It was a good day.  I have attached photos of what we received as s well as a photo of all the missionaries that are in the field for Christmas.  I was a nice day to just have, relax, have a fun missionary gift exchange  with a limit of 5 soles, listen to Christmas music, and sing Christmas hymns... I think we sang all the ones in the Spanish hymnbook!
Gift from President and Sister Henderson
After these festivities we had our skits from each zone. I won't like, aside from the zone leaders skit, I think ours was the best. The 12 days of Christmas, but for things in the mission. .We had everybody rolling the whole time, and they song that Elder John arranged, and I assisted in singing came out great.  One day I will be able to show a video, but that wont be for a long time,,,, sorry!  After lunch we went out to a real field with grass and played soccer on a large field, and not a basketball concrete court!  I got to run, and play, and wait... I sound like a dog describing freedom... anyways... it was a great day, especially with all the others.  Our team was basically gringos, vs. Latinos, but we actually held our own with a big help from Elder Pincock!
I think this is so cool. It is like a Missionary Yearbook
Elder Holmes is on the Center Panel, 5th row from top, 1st position
I'm looking forward to Skyping this week! [We get to hear from our Elder on Friday. We are so excited.]  I try not to think about it , but yeah, we all know I do... I will only have to go through this Christmas Madness 1 more time!

One more thing I HAVE To mention. So, my companion has a friend from his home ward in Lima, Peru, who is serving as a missionary in Brazil.  I also have a really good friend who is serving in Brazil who is also from my homeward.  Get this.  Both I and my companions friends knew this, but thought nothing of it.  Yup, they are both companions in Peru,  and I didn't know it until my companion was printing photos at the Kodak store and I saw Hannah Avarell!  What?  How is she here in Peru on the computer!~ Crazy huh? [This is just a crack up. Hannah is in our ward and serving in Brazil for her mission. Andrew and Hannah have known each other since 1998 and graduated high school together. How fun is that?? I shared this story with Hannah's mom, she loved it and will be telling Hannah when they Skype with her this week. Doesn't the world get just a bit smaller when this happens.]

All in all things are great here in the mission.  Learning a bunch, and not only things of the mission, but things of working with others as well.  It is my hope as a Representative of Jesus Christ that you all take some time this Holiday Season to remember what we are here to do, and who we have to give thanks for all.  Read Luke 2 with your family this holiday season, and watch the awesome video about Christ on or in Spanish if you like at

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru