Monday, December 15, 2014

Week in Review Dec 8, 2014 - Dec 14, 2014

Mom's Favorite Picture of the Week. Not a bad selfie.
So far the entry in my journal and emails this week is just going to be a plain regular letter style entry because of time and sending photos.  This last week has been very busy for us as missionaries.  Our ward is very small, partly because of the area, but also because of the less actives, so this week we printed a list of all the 390 members organized by street (Whoever inputs the info into MLS, [Computer software that the ward clerks use to keep track of membership, ordinances etc] I think here it is the missionaries, have no clue what they are doing) and visited about every house.  You would've surprised how many moved to Lima, or the address is rap.  So with all this we had 45 new contacts, and about 5 of them are promising!

This week we also tried having family home evenings with families as well as a meeting with the Young Single Adults.  For both of these meetings the only people who showed up were those who live in the house we were having the meeting!  And so with that, this is the life of a missionary, and we continue.  This week and next week are kinda slow because of finals in the universities.  Basically everyone is in a school or college and nobody is at home.

12 Days of Christmas - Mission Version
On Thursday we practiced as a zone our skit we have on Tuesday (Tomorrow) for our Multi Zone Christmas conference.  I attached a photo, but you will have to translate it.  Elder John (our Zone Leader) and I are singing it while the others act it out. And we are acting in a bit of it to.  It is to the Tune of the 12 Days of Christmas, but for Missionaries in Huancayo.  It totally fits our lifestyle, and it is totally perfect!

This last Monday for P-day we went to Kotush again, but also to play soccer and Ultimate Frisbee using a football because of the wind.  It was a pretty darn good day. I also bought like a 15 Oreo's which helped a bit too.

Image taken from Google Images
They just opened within the last few days a new Tottus here ( it is basically a mini Target) and all the missionaries are freaking out and excited, so it is our P-day activity for all, to go to Tottus, and use our credit cards, and buy everything. [As a funny note, mom checked his credit card and he behaved, no spending. He must have had cash. lol] Woo hoo!

***I opened my Christmas package from Grandma and Grandpa, thank you soo so much!  Love the stocking!  And the beef Jerky, and all of it!  My Companion is a happy camper too!!!
Handmade (Knitted) Christmas stocking
from his grandmother. Notice 'Lego Guy'.

All in all, we are doing good here.  I would be lying if I didn't want some change at the next transfer the day before new years, but we shall see...

Looking forward to calling home sometime during Christmas week!  Hope we can get all that figured out too!

Love you all, and hope you all enjoy your Christmas Holiday Season!  If you have 3 minutes, I encourage you all to watch the video on to remember for a bit what the True Spirit of Christmas is all about!

Thats all I have for this week,

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, San Luis, Peru

A few more pictures--