Monday, October 27, 2014

Week in Review Oct 21, 2014 - Oct 26, 2014

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Hello All!  About a bit over 2 months in and I am Wonderful Huanuco, Peru in some Internet cafe that is so slow and I only have one hour, so sorry if I cannot respond right away, but don't stop sending Emails!  I love them, and take photos of them on my camera so I can read them later.  Also, part of the slow Internet means no direct photos sent to anyone.  I upload them to my Google Email where my mom grabs them and puts them with my emails [blog] in about 1 day.

This is at which is nice because this way I can send more photos to all of the world to see missionaries here in the Huancayo Mission!

Some of you have been asking about the food.  I have a "pensio" [Like a boarding house] where I eat all of my meals at, and I just found out that my pensio owns a restaurant, so this is where all my food comes from. [Is that amazing or what? What a blessing!!] It usually isn't that easy.  I also pay someone else through my church withdrawal monthly for my laundry every week. [I guess no pounding his clothes on a rock, not yet anyway. lol]

As far as packages go, stick with the information that my family provides on the blog, *Mom, the same information on Facebook from Sister Henderson* because I truthfully cannot say what will or wont work here since the Postal system here is whack and I haven't received anything yet. [Peru is going through a postal strike and has for the past 4 weeks or so. We have now sent 2 packages, the last one just last week. We pray that he will receive them by Christmas. Continue to email him as that is only way to make contact right. I am sad that he doesn't have the ability to print them.]

The language barrier is definitely a physical wall that asserters itself at the least of convenient times. I know there are times my companion hates it too.  But slowly it is coming.

I am proud to say that it hasn't happened yet, but I can totally understand this now, because I have been very close, and it will be inevitable.  All missionaries I have talked to said that your mission won't be a true South American mission until you loose all bowel controls and are away from the bathroom.  Let's just say one night we RAN home, and I got there JUST in time...

Also, probably get about 1 earthquake per week, enough to wake me from my sleep, but it doesn't freak me out, probably because I have had them before, and always grown up with it being in my mind. [Living in California has given him this experience for sure. I did a quick search and found that there was an earthquake yesterday, October 26, about 50-100 southeast from his location, it registered a 5.6.]  I also bought Panneton for me and my companion.  This is a very rich bread/cake, and yes Mom, it is the same thing that you made homemade, but way bigger and way cheaper here.... [Okay, now I am curious which one of my recipes is similar.]

I continue to hope and pray all is well with you and your families, and I know that this sounds cheesy, but try for a day and make a list of all the dumb little things in your life you are grateful for, and I will share mine with you next week, and I can tell you that being here in Peru, that has definitely changed my list! [A great challenge!]

Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru

October 20th 2014

Monday!  Preparation Day!

Today we traveled up to the Cross which overlooks all of Huanuco, Peru.  Took some awesome photos which should be uploaded by the end of this email.  And don't forget, my Lego Figurine goes with me wherever I go, so he made it to the top too!  We did this trip with other missionaries in the area, and it took about 2 hours give or take for all to make it up.  Wonderful view, reminds me of the view of San Bernardino, only Huanuco is smaller.  Also, bought Ice Cream with a small piece of cake.  Yum...,.,

21st Tuesday

District Meeting Today.  Painful English class from a Latin today.  That's it.  I bought teaching materials and my companion and I are talking of me doing a Free English Class for the City and Area we are in on a weekly basis.  Definitely is fueling my desire to be a teacher when I return.

22nd Wednesday

Taught someone how to use Music.Lds.Org today and how the church has wonderful resources for learning music, especially with the interactive music player.  Also, had some real chocolate cake tonight in return.  Beyond loving this cake.  And it wasn't small, even better.  Oh, a dog died in the park near our apartment....Looks like it was scared to death, because it is petrified facing the sun. [I have to add, Andrew said that there are dogs everywhere. See it mentioned in a previous blog post. When I was doing Google Street View, there were so many dogs in the street view. He is so totally right, they are everywhere. I think in one view, we saw about 3-4 dogs. It was crazy.]

23rd Thursday

View of Huanuco, Peru with the Rio Huallaga
River in the foreground
Ugh... SO contacting today was basically just my job.  Oh, how I miss English.  When people say things that I don't prepare for in my head, it gets messy.  All in all today was a good contacting day. Also taught a lesson with an investigator where I was able to talk semi decently and carry a conversation.  Woo hoo!!!

24th Friday

Well, the dog in the park is still there.  Later in the day somebody put some dirt on it, more like an above ground grave.  Ummm.... Ok.... Also, had some BBQ Chicken today loved it.  Later in the day though, I passed a vendor who put her hand in a bag, and then threw about 100 chicken feet *only feet* on the fryer grill.  And then cooked them up.  Yum.  According to my Peruvian Companion, it is kinda difficult to eat *Well duh!  Its feet!* [I bet chicken feet is similar to pork rinds in the U.S.A.] but good.  Yea, I will wait on that one....

25th Saturday

Bunch of rain today!  Some lighting, but when it rains here the roads are all just so nice and beautiful... Said no one ever.  Glad my shoes are waterproof and I didn't sink too deep in the dirt/mud stuff here in San Luis.  Oh, the Dog is still there but the rain took away all the dirt.  I wonder how long this dog will be here? [That was one thing we didn't purchase for him before he left, BOOTS. We just didn't have the room. The mission packet made it clear he can purchase them in Peru. I hope he does it soon.]

26th Sunday

Help, gave my testimony 3 minute talk in Spanish today in Sacrament meeting.  It is also our first sacrament meeting because of voting, General Conference, and Stake conference...One of the great things about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that it is the exact same gospel all over the world, same as it was hundreds of years ago with all the other prophets in the bible all the way back to Adam.  The only difference now is this is in more languages!

*By the way, I'm starting to not like fish.  Just kidding. Not starting, I've been every Sunday for the same 2 meals.

Until we meet again--
Elder Holmes
Huanuco, Peru