Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Here in Huancayo!

I made it to Huancayo this afternoon at around 3PM and I am here for 5 minutes of computer time just enough to send an Email saying that I made it here.

We did a huge trek of 7 hours to make it from Lima Peru to here, and I am attaching some of the photos, but not many because of lack of time.  I heard a rumor that depending on what location we are assigned to (we find out tomorrow) we will have p-day on Monday. But we will see.  Everyone made it here that is supposed to be, nobody got sick, and the bus we took here was great.  Took a bunch of Photos and the GPS Feature on my Camera was well worth it already!  We hit a peak of about 15000 ft, but if you check the data on my photos in the software the location is correct, but my data for the height needs to be reset.  I fixed that for future photos.  

Hope all is well at home!  I am taking photos of my emails and will respond the next time I have a real time to respond which will probably be in about 1 week.  

Love you all!