Monday, May 16, 2016

Week in Review - May 7, 2016 - May 14, 2016

Good Morning!

Well, this week I was trying to figure out what I would send you guys this week - I felt like nothing had happened.  But actually a lot did!  Lets see if I can get this all down.

Remember a while back I said that we were teaching a few people? Well, one of them surprised us a few weeks ago and told us that he wanted to get baptized!  Long story short, he is the only person in his immediate family that isn't a member, and his son is even on a mission in Northern Perú - but for the time, he didn't want to get baptized.  The sisters in our ward were visiting the family for a while, but he simply didn't want to hear it.  Maybe for timing, maybe the sisters vs. elders, don't know.  But time came, we began visiting him, and we extended to him on the second lesson the opportunity to become baptized (He had originally told us he would only do it when his son came back from his mission so that he could get baptized from his son) and he said yes!  We had originally decided to put the date for the end of the month in May, then he said earlier?  Well, maybe in 2 weeks... No!  Can we do it next week!  Um... well, you have been attending church for a good while, and we are just missing a few lessons... So, if you want, we can do it next week if you like.  He said Yes!

And a very funny side note, he didn't want to tell his very active family until the last moment. He told his wife and family 1 hour before his baptism, and then told his son in the mission the following day during his call for Mothers Day, which was also his wife's birthday.  I can tell you that the family was just as happy as they could be that day.  I don't say this often, or try to think in this manner, but I think we baptized a future Stake Presidency Member.  This family now has the goal instead of getting baptized when the son returns from his mission, but they now have their own personal goal (That they put themselves) to be sealed in the temple when their son comes back. Yes!

P.S. Peruvian Baptismal fonts are the worst!  First you fill them up for an hour, then you have to heat the water up (AFTER) through a complicated piping system which takes about 2 hours.  And, it makes it EXTREMELY Difficult to heat up the water if there is NO GAS! Here in Perú there is no central gas piping system whatsoever, so whenever you want GAS, you use the same system you all at home use for your BBQ´s.  Propane Tanks.  Each Church Building has two large tanks, of which provide an internal Gas Piping System for each chapel for the kitchen, and hot water systems for the baptismal fonts (Except in the jungle, the water just comes out hot, because it is in the jungle) - We ran out of Gas while we were heating the tanks - but luckily we have a good system with the Gas Guys and they came and replaced the tanks within half an hour.  Not to bad!  

All went well, and we are now working with Hermano Juan to get the Priesthood this next week, and will see what comes with that.

Outside of that this week has been filled with a Multi-Zone, Zone Leader Trainings, Transfers, New Office Staff, Building Lawsuit (we are still winning, photo attached) being our breakfast pension, etc. Pretty good week!

Love you all!

Élder Holmes
Misión Perú Hunacayo