Monday, May 23, 2016

Week in Review - May 15, 2016 - May 21, 2016

Woah.  The time is flying even faster.  What am I supposed to do!  This week we have been in REMODEL mode for the office, as they are cleaning up, partially in preparation for the new mission president, but also simply because we have a heavy duty renovation planned now every 3 years for the office itself.  New Paint.  New Carpet.  Working on a new roof (part of that lovely lawsuit) New Front Couches, etc... it has been a nightmare to coordinate, especially since we have to be here for all of this, but cannot simply leave when the painters or roof workers are here.  And the worst part is that we have had to put all the boxes, mission supplies, pamphlets, books, etc on the small parts of tile we have here in the office.  I will tell you, the bathrooms are full of boxes to the roof, and so are all the hallways. 

I am currently writing this email sitting in the kitchen area of the office because that is the only spot that has internet access (right next to the server)  Ugh.  

Well, our office is now yellow as seen in some of the pictures, and on Monday they should be installing the new blue carpets.  They say that the new colors of the church have changed (at least for the area) which includes the older color of Yellow, and that the new blue carpets are the same as they are in the area offices.  Yea!  Hopefully it will all turn out well, and I will have my office back next week, having only been away from my real desk for 3 weeks during all this remodeling.  Ugh.  I have attached for all your fun and pleasure pictures of the before/during pictures of this lovely remodeling process here.  

Hope you enjoy the Beds found on our roof that was a requisite from our neighbors that are destroying our roof.  I swear, this last week we have just been doing and having weird things happening to our office!  We also got the neighbors to repaint the walls in our chapel because they have been destroying them as well.  But now, we are finally on the road to getting what we have been waiting for, for a long,long,long time. 

Some of those pictures are interior pictures of what we had to do with our office, and how all of it had to go into one room, while the rest was emptied.  What a mess... 

This last week for P-Day, we just decided to climb a mountain called Torre, Torre - Tower Tower.  What an original name!  Along the way we found people making prayers/monetary sacrifices to the mountain itself, a few huts, and even some wild berries that were very good.  We made it to the top, and wow!  A great view from the top of that mountain (13,080 Feet)  Mr. Lego also was a hit with the camera at the top of the mountain!  

This last week we have also finished on installing new photos in the new Mission Home of the Missionaries.  I have included some photos of those in our new home so that you guys can see how they look.  

Well, hope your week is not as paint filled, beds on your roof, Tower Tower Climbing, with free Liahona Giving opportunities.... I hope you guys just have a good week.

-Elder Holmes
Misión Perú Huancayo