Monday, May 2, 2016

Week in Review - April 26, 2016 - April 30, 2016

As you guys saw, I sent some pictures of Huatapayllana this Monday with a few other zones.  I will tell you, the sun was BEATING down on us, and I got TOASTED.  Burnt.  I am peeling pretty darn bad, probably the worst sunburn I have been here in the mission.  

This last 10 days or so we have been accompanied by another Elder here in the office which is undergoing rest treatment for his knee.  Another factor, of which makes it difficult to leave and do some necessary things...

We have started here in the office to get the transition ready for the new mission president, and how all of that will go down.  I have acquired Plane tickets for both the Henderson's and the Silvas who will be replacing them.  We are also in a large battle right now with our neighbors of the large building next to us, of which is dropping many more building materials (the size of me) and literally breaking our building, and we really have a fear that one of these days these materials will fall through the roof onto our heads!  So, I decided to take a few actions..

We contacted the local Government Agency (Through FM) and got permission to begin taking action on a possible lawsuit that we have started this last February.  Yup.  War has begun.  :)  I had a sit down meeting with the Municipalidad and gave them all the evidence, damage reports, photos, artifacts, etc.  

They are totally on our side, agreed to fine the company that is creating that monster building, and will fine them, gave them the order to repaint our office, repair/replace our roof, new roof tiles, etc.  They have 5 days before we get more.... Its just a mess. But we will come out winning.  The church always comes out winning. :)

Oh yea, and this morning we lost power on our street, so the new Electric Showers that we have installed in the house (Very nice Electric Showers that actually protect against electric shock!) didn't work today because the city decided to turn off power to our street or something.  Yea.  But our shower in specifics still worked well today as it is hooked up to the Solar Water Heater, of which I had enough Hot water, and so did the other 3 who were able to use it before it ran out of hot water.

That should be it!  Hope all is well at home.

-Elder Holmes
Mision Perú Huancayo