Monday, April 13, 2015

Week in Review - Apr 6, 2015 - Apr 13, 2015

It wouldn't be complete without the Lego Guy
Ok, so a bunch happened this week, but I will try to bullet point by days that they happened...

April 6th, 2015

His new companion is from Bolvia

Well today we went to the waterfall 'Galleto de las Rocas' which translates to the Bid of the Rocks..... I have been there before but my companion hasn't, so we went... Photos are included. the Water was super cold, but bearable, and I brought my water filter so I could drink some of this super clean water... I can tell you.. Its cleaner than the water that comes through the pipe if and when it does come through the pipe......

April 8th, 2015 

Today we had interviews with President Henderson, and everything went really well... Talked a bunch about English Class and how I am to continue my English Classes whenever possible.  Check!  Love teaching English Classes!  Here where I am teaching I usually get around 25 people who show up regularly to my English Class

Also, I got my shoes remodeled and made beautiful with traction and everything.l  I can now take it to the streets and not even fall!  Do you know how many times I have fallen or almost fallen!  It doesn't help that the concrete that they use here for the streets and the sidewalks DON'T Have those particles of traction in them!  NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED THOSE PARTICLES OF TRACTION IN THE STREET.  Never. 

Also, President mentioned to me that one day people will ask you how your mission was.. you will think really fast of all that happened.. then you will say, It was good, because nobody will really understand unless they were here as well with us.

April 9th, 2015

Found a bunch of New Investigators today as well as taught English Class.  As usual I assigned homework... Surprisingly, with that they even come back the following week!  I have got a following over here now!

April 10th, 2015

So, we are now teaching 2 investigators that cannot read.  One of them I mentioned earlier is th mom of Arturo, the family I baptized... She is preparing for baptism, we are just taking a different route to teaching her because we cannot assign homework assignments as reading or study... but all is working well with her!  We have that baptism in 2 weeks.

April 11th, 2015

We think this is burning of the beehive
The water tank
Today we set out on an adventure to get ourselves a free water tank of 600 liters from the ranch of our Pensionista... Off we went.. 1 hour to their Farm by a convee, then walking about 10 blocks to their ranch by way of a bamboo bridge that sways and bends in the middle... We finally get to the tank , and then open it up. there are bees.  My penisionistas husband kills them all with fire.... We get the tank back to our house but only after it starts DOWN POURING and then I cross the bridge solo with the 600 liter tank and a bamboo bride like 3 feet across.... crap.. We made it home. but I was super soaked.

Also, when we got home, one of the people living in the same house as us locked their keys in the house (part we don't have keys to) and I broke into the house through one of their windows... All is well!

April 12th, 2015

Today was fast and testimony meeting. As usual in all the world,. there is always those people who love to give their fast and testimony meetings for FOREVER::: but its all good... 

I will send more of what happened on Sunday next week... I am out of internet time, but I hope that the photos and all will make it safely to your home!  Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru