Monday, June 6, 2016

Week in Review - May 29, 2016 - June 4, 2016

In these last few weeks we have tried to hit different peaks that are found here in the Huancayo Valley.  So, this last Saturday we went to one of the local peaks we had climbed before, but decided to go even a bit further based on suggestion from President Henderson and his wifes suggestion to keep going until you find Huatapayllana (They went a week before and had done the same)  - So we did. 

Along the way we found a Porta-Potty, An old mine, many fields, air shafts (For the mine) evidence of copper, a lot of sun, Huatapayllana at the top, a cholita hat, and of course you know you haven’t gotten to the top until you have passed the last cholita (see picture) then you are getting pretty close.  


This last week they have also been working on our office some more, which includes the de-installation of old Carpet and intense cleaning below (see dirt pile A1).  Interesting story on the carpet.  So, we were supposed to have the carpet installed eons ago by a Lima Company that would have to travel about 8 hours to get to our office and do the work.  Well, on their way up the lovely caraterra central they got into a terrible accident, and the head carpet guy as part of the accident lost a few fingers.  Darn.  FM comes over and gives me the news (they knew I wouldn’t take it well, my desk being outside at the moment for them relocating me so that we could remove all the carpet) and told me.  I won’t lie when I thought he was joking.  I figured they were just messing with me being that I hadn’t had a desk for 3 weeks, and just another little thing would be funny or something. Nope.  But, I found out that if I had bought them a large cake, they would get it installed themselves.  They looked up on YouTube how to do it, and off to work!  We began installation the next day.  I will have installation photos for next week.  

 *It is important to note that I really did need my computer for that day that you see all of our office outside in the church property, and I was like that all day, until the nighttime came. 

We are currently teaching another investigator that is a PF (Part member family) that has a baptismal date for the middle of June.  That will be an interesting one to coordinate, seeing that it falls on a transfer, and the end of a mission president, and the change of a new one.  Ugh.  I wont lie, the calendar from this next Tuesday until I finish my mission is 100% full.  

Speaking of that too, it really doesn’t feel like I have been here for almost two years, I just know that I have a whole lot left to do, and I have no room in my schedule to be trunky, maybe that’s a good thing.  It only really hits me when I am working on Schooling and Working stuff.. Then, my gut does a flip.  But that could also be because I just ate something filled with oil.  

Elections are this Sunday, so as Peruvian Law dictates, all chapels are closed as to allow everyone the ability to vote (as that is a requirement that all vote here) and that there is nothing that will inhibit them to go and make their vote.  This Sunday is the second round, and it will be determined that evening who is the winner of the 2016 Peruvian Elections.  My personal opinion is the following:

Keiko is the people person.  She knows what they want, she even puts on the cholita outfit and goes around.  People really like that.  When you get to the pueblo factor, they are all voting for her.  No, it doesn't really matter to them anymore that her father was also the president who crashed the Peruvian economy and scandaled, and is now extradited from the nation, put in jail.  That doesn't affect anyone anymore…

PPK is the business person.  Worked for the World Bank (Bank that gives nations loans), studied in the States, (as did Keiko) looks like a Gringo, but is Peruvian, and has good plans to stabilize Peruvian Economy.  But, because he doesn't put on the cholita outfit, and visit pueblos and give mushy gushy woman factor politics, it might not be enough for him to win.  

Well that’s it for this week!   Hope you guys are having a great week and that your political campaigns aren't filled with cholita dressed Future Presidents, or Streets filled with Fair Selling Goodie People on the day of elections.  

-Élder Holmes
Misión Perú Huancayo