Monday, June 20, 2016

Week in Review - June 12, 2016 - June 18, 2016

This last week I had told you that I would be going to La Merced (Jungle) and Huanuco, as part of the going away multi-zones for our Mission President Henderson and his wife.  Well, it was an adventure!  A few shining hours of fun in the jungle (Quite literally) and the rest traveling, planning, fixing problems, etc... Hope the pictures do justice...

On Monday we left from Huancayo to La Merced, a journey of about 5 hours, and then got to La Merced and had our quick P-Day to a local set of Waterfalls that I know from a while back... That is on the map below....

The multi-zone went well in La Merced, We ate at a place called Miraflores (Look at the flowers) of which I included pictures.  Ate at a few other places, including Oxen, a restuarante that is owned by British people and they will even speak to you in English! Really Good Food and Milkshakes.  That evening when we got to La Merced we celebrated my birthday, surprise in El Refugio.  Birthday Cake, nice dinner, etc... 

The following day, we traveled from La Merced to Huanuco, one of the worst traveling routes EVER.  About 6 hours and you just don't want to repeat it if you can.  That is shown below.  If you zoom out you can see that trip visibly from the Space Station.  Yes, it was a large travel.  

We get to Huanuco!  All in all things went well over there, I wont lie.  I don't miss Huanuco. But, it was a nice nostalgic moment to be there.  Multi-Zone went well, and very little to report outside of that.  I worked on some immigrations on the way, did some flights, etc... Pretty Productive.  

Also, worthy of mention - our taxi driver that takes us everywhere and takes us to Huatapayllana is getting baptized this week, but required a Special interview from President Henderson for some past issues. Well, just to we know who schedules those special interviews, and when he can do it... So when he was with us in Huanuco, he had his special Interview, and passed!  we are planning the baptism for this evening (Saturday) if all goes well.  He is the husband of our Pensions daughter who is a member, and now they will all be members.  Yea! 

The following day, we returned back to Huancayo.  Home sweet home.  All is well!  the office renovations are FINISHED!  They finished while we were gone (But they stole my chair, I'm still fighting that one) but all is well.  Transfers start today (Saturday) and we will be running on battery power until after the new president comes in on the following week.  Woah.  FYI, I will write, but it might be at odd hours/days based on change in Mission Presidency.  

All in all, we are tired, but keep on pushing on. 

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Secretario Personal
Misión Perú HUancayo