Monday, February 9, 2015

Week in Review Feb 2, 2015 - Feb 8, 2015

Satipo, Peru (The Jungle) - Click Photos to see them larger
How am I not Sun Burnt?

Hey there!  So, to start everything off, this last week has been a hectic one at that!  So, as usual I will highlight some of the days during the week that were most eventful...  Between Singing in English to Waterfalls, to activities I am most definitely keeping myself busy here in Peru, especially in the Jungle.  So much work to do here!  Its great!  And, I am learning how much the English Language is screwed up!  I am going to talk so differently when I get home!!! [We also found out that he received two of his packages from home. One that was sent over 10 weeks ago. Woo Hoo! And some much needed black socks, not the 'church kind' he wanted them to athletic type, the 'church kind' are just too thin. So so glad he got them. He had requested his retainers and so he finally got them and he said his teeth hurt after just wearing them for two days. lol]

2 February 2015

The 'Lego Guy' saying Hi
Most important entry of the week right? P-Day! Today I was able to send a few photos which made me beyond excited, and I'm sure for my family too! After normal P-Day [Preparation Day] morning stuff, we went just us 2 and Benjamin (member who lives in our house-pension) because the elders are in Huancayo for a conference and the sisters decided to have a sister P-Day in La Merced, so we went solo. Off to the waterfall San Andres we went! Beautiful, and nice and full because we just had some rain, so it was at 100 percent!  On the way back through our Taxi wasn't there, so we walked for 45 minutes before we found him... At which he

only took off 3 soles from the 15 for his being super late with his Girlfriend.  Yup, I know what he was doing during that 45 minutes while we were walking... But today was great, awesome photos, and yes, the Lego guy has found his way to another part of Peru.

5 February 2015

So, today is our time of the week, we go to Mazamari, which I really enjoy because there is a lot of work to be done there in Mazamari when the people are home.  The tough part about the work there is that we cannot heck up on them as we can here in Satipo, and bring them to activities and such, which is a bummer.  Also, the pensionista [cook] we have here in Mazamari loves to serve us hot soup before our Entree which is so tough to eat and then also enjoy even when we like it, because it is so stinkin hot!  Sweating during Lunch is NOT Fun....

6 February 2015

Ok, so as usual we are teaching one of our investigators who is doing everything that a member is.  Studies Gospel Principles Book-Class, teachings of the Presidents of the Church, attends activities, the works... Only fault is that he isn't married.  He is in a couple relationship, and for baptism to be permitted one must be completely committed to their decision as well as the individual he is living with.  So, we have been trying with his wife for a while, but she was so tough to us, wouldn't open, for over 4 weeks!  And today she was part of our lesson and agreed to come to church!  Finally! I cannot tell you how happy her husband is right now with this decision, she has made to at least listen!  

Later this evening we had our ward mission night which my companion and I put on called, ¨Travel to Paradise¨ which starts out with everyone entering the chapel (seats and all is set up like a planes interior) and we had the sister missionaries as the flight attendants doing what they do before each flight.  After which we began the flight, lights dimmed, and a video showed in the front a calm plane, and then one of the engines, explodes and shows a clip from and airplane movie of everyone on board dying.  Welcome to paradise!  hahahaha. so from there my companion and I explained the Telestial Kingdom as well were all dressed in white explaining how those who repent not will be there, in the Glory of the Starts (we had Christmas lights at this point dimly lighting the chapel((Super duper hard to find Christmas lights))) From there we moved them to another room to represent the Terrestial Kingdom with the Glory of the moon. My little flashlight uncapped putting one beam of light in the room to show a little more glory, but not complete.   There we had the other elders explain that there were those who would follow Christ, but fail to make covenants with the Lord will eternally live there. 

And finally, we make our way down the hall to the room that represents the Celestial Kingdom. Here we had a family dressed in white who are converts of many years, and are also sealed in the temple.  They explained that those who will live here int he glory of the sun are those who make covenants with the Lord, become married, and Preserver to the end.  I was beyond thrilled with the outcome and the turnout of the event, and we had our investigators show up as well!  Score!  And of course, it wouldn't be a proper Mormon activity without refreshments!

7 February 2015

Today we had our Zone Conference in Pichanaki which is about 50 minutes away by Taxi, so we all went over there and it was really nice to see the new chapel over there.  I think this chapel only has like 5 or 6 months of being used, it is SUPER NEW.... Nice time to get together with other missionaries and discuss missionary junk, and also say goodbye to 2 more missionaries who are terminating their missions this week.   One day... wait... stop it!!!

8 February 2015

So, its Sunday, and Oh yea... I have a talk... And I remembered it yesterday... But it all went well, and guess what the topic was?  Missionary Work!  So, I used some personal stories from Charles C. Rich [As mentioned before, this is Elder Holmes 6th Great-grandfather and he was an Apostle to Brigham Young.] and compared the people here to being pioneers since the church is so new, and what not, And it was really great.. I actually was apparently talking past my time limit, and I got the (tiempo) card telling me to finish up. [Oh how I wish we could use the Tiempo [Time] card in the states. lol] Once we finished that the Bishop wanted to take advantage of having 5 North Americans so we all had a special musical number Be Still My Soul, which is a song that does not exist in Spanish, so they all loved it. Didn't understand it, but they loved it! [I bet that was the best.]

As usual, photos will be on the blog in a few days!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru

[Some of the pictures below I believe were from last week but we just got them today... he can only send so many at a time.]

It says 'Welcome Cock of the Rocks' which is
Peru's National Bird
Love those bridges, a must have with all that water

Peligro means DANGER

Satipo, Peru - Gorgeous

Not quite sure what they are rigging up here, but since they don't
have running water, it looks like they collect the rain water
and might use it for bathing??