Monday, February 23, 2015

Week in Review - Feb 16, 2015 - Feb 22, 2015


So, this week was a crazy week, and with all that I fell asleep last night before I had a chance to organize my letter for today... So with that in mind... here we go...]

NOT IN ORDER OF DAYS... Just fun events that happened this week...

So, one of the days we were in Mazamari right, which remember that a bunch of Mazamari is farms, and so with that my companion and I tried finding a way out of where we were and take a shortcut through one of the farms by where the cows were.  Problem one.  There were dogs and cows.  Two, it was a rice farm. If you know anything about Rice you know that the terrain is very, squishy and unstable.   We were falling in that. Fun. Then we made it out of the rice fields into the Citrus Groves which we thought would help us in our search for the shortcut, which I will tell you right now NEVER Existed. Anyways so off we went through the Citrus grove which they haven't weed whacked in what seemed like forever, but it was probably only like 2 weeks at the rate that things grow here... It was as high as we were, which is an important part of this story.  

So in this section of the grove we reached the edge of this section which started into a new Rice Farm.  So, right as I was changed from one farm type to the other, I neglected to see under all the grass that there was a canal of water as tall as me, so accordingly I fell in.  Yup, all the way to my waist, and I didn't touch the bottom, what stopped me was my hands when I hit my head on the ground on the top of the canal. And yes, it was before the first appointment of the day in another area away from home.  I was wet and muddy all day.  All in the line of missionary work I guess right?  Oh, and after that I just gave up on avoiding the water so I probably killed about $5 worth of Rice in the farm, which is a bunch... But yea, it was a great day in Mazamari!

So, one of the other Companionships here in Satipo had a wedding and a baptism here in the Chapel, but the baptism was in the River.  How awesome!  My Companion played the wedding march for the wedding on the piano, which I am almost positive that was the first time it was ever played there, and just had a great time.  My Investigator showed up to the party as he usually goes to all the activities and announced that he will be getting married in que with our goal we have for him for the end of March before transfers... Yes!  He wants a river baptism too which will be awesome for whoever gets to baptize him...  I did promise him that since I cannot help him with his wedding, I would buy him the wedding cake.  I will admit, I didn't think that on my mission I would be going wedding cake shopping, but it is the least that I can do for all the work we have put through here... Also, I just want another reason to eat cake!

SO, the other day we had Ward Council... More or less a Missionary Council because there were more missionaries then there were Council members... Yup, I brought that up as well as a few other things... If it were possible for missionaries to grill ward council I guess you could say that I did... It was a very interesting meeting.  I told them that we CANNOT leave until we actually plan something, make an assignment, and hold people responsible for stuff they do not do!  My lack of fluency in Spanish did not hold me back on this one... Let's just say that there were things that needed to be said.  And they were said.  :)

So, the reason why this email is super early at home is because I am leaving for a Multi Zone Conference and P-day in La Merced right after internet... So next week, if I can the photos should be awesome!  I'm so looking forward to these conferences that we have every 3 months, its just a great time!  

Not much other to report on. I did get another package, which everyone just loves because they know I will share... So on behalf of all, thanks for the Girl Scout Cookies! [Anyone that knows Andrew, knows he LOVES Girl Scout cookies. I was able to send him one box, Peanut Butter Patties, to Peru.]  This package is basically our snack package we will be using to get to La Merced today on the 2 hour Shima ride...

Love you all, and thanks for your continued emails!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru