Monday, January 12, 2015

Week in Review Jan 5, 2015 - Jan 11, 2015

Hey There! Week 2 in the Jungle!

Forewarning, I have already been to 2 Internet because the Internet is SUPER Slow.  So, for now... This is the main email for all to all... [And no pictures, still. Bummer, but we understand. It must be like dial-up Internet for him.]

Hey there from the Jungle!  Thanks for adding that fun Info Mom about Indiana Jones and the Name Satipo, if you could that would be some fun information to add to the blog! [I already posted that in the last post, but if you missed it, CLICK HERE.]  Things are going well here, it rains pretty often as it is winter here, but it is also very hot at times.  

Also, worthy of mention is that I technically have TWO Proselyting areas as part of my Assignment with Elder Mamani (From Chile) here in Satipo.  We work in Satipo for 5 days of the week, and on the other 2 days we are in an area about 40 minutes from here (A whole other city) named Masamarte (That is how it sounds) [I looked it up and it is actually spelled Mazamari, Peru. It's about southeast of his other area of Satipo, Peru.]  and work with members over there who have a Casa Capilla which is a House Chapel.  About 26 members over there....
Oh, I wanted to correct a few misconceptions that you might have about Mission Peru Huancayo.  
-Mission Home is not at 14,000 Feet that is in Cerro de Pasco.  The mission is in Huancayo. 
-The temple prep class I was scheduled to teach never actually came, so I never actually taught that. Yet...
-Companions will not always be from Peru. More than half of the missionaries in Mission Peru Huancayo are North Americans, and it is very likely that during my mission I will be paired with another North American as well...

5 January 2014

P-day!  Woo hoo!  Not much to report, we had a plan to go to a waterfall as there is a bunch here in Satipo area alone, but it rained pretty good today, so we were unable to go.  So, as an alternative, we played Monopoly, Peruvian Version.  Yup,. it was actually pretty fun! [If you take the time and type in Google Maps or images for Satipo, there are beautiful waterfalls everywhere.]

6 January 2014

Had the opportunity today to visit a member who is less active because she has a health disability which does not enable her move her arms or legs, let alone leave the house... So we had the opportunity to meet with her, give needed help and assistance when she needs it, and just had a good time to be with her.  It was nice.

We also had Correlation meeting with our Bishop today, which was nice to get some of the priorities for our new area out on the drawing board and figure out what we are to do next as missionaries...

7 January 2014  

Well, today every single one of our appointments fell, none of them were in their houses.  Great.  This evening we had our Ward Council Meeting which is always interesting to see how it works well with other wards or how things work overall....

Also today, we traveled to the Area called the Black River and gave 2 blessings of Health to a family over there.. Love being able to use this to help others with the power of God for us today...

8 January 2014

Today we were in Masamarte, our other area... Yes, we have two Areas, and I will try to explain that on another day, but for now it sufficieth me to say that we have two proselyting areas and each are huge.  

In the Evening I gave an English Class and created a English to Spanish to English Reference sheet with the basics of Pronunciation and works and sentence creation, etc... At the bottom is reference guides from Google Translate, and also a link to my blog so they can practice their Spanish. If you have time, please add the translate widget to my blog so they can practice it in both languages.  Thanks! [Already done when the blog was created.]

9 January 2014  

Weekly Planning today! 
Taught 2 Investigator lessons today which both of them were super awesome, one of which wants us to teach her and her family because she notices that the Mormons here are examples to her family of how we should be as a people with our characteristics, moral standards... etc... right?  So, we are teaching them, and they are very very receptive to what we have to say... It is a great family.

10 January 2014

Zone Conference today!  Not a bunch of missionaries in this Zone, but yea, it was nice to get together, meet the other missionaries here, and have some mini training sessions for things of the missionaries.

In the evening we taught a Missionary Preparation Class from Preach my Gospel for prospective missionaries.  This is now an ongoing class every Saturday, as well as our English Classes for the community every Thursday.

11 January 2014

So, today we had splits to cover more ground since one missionary needs to be in our area of Satipo, and the other missionary in Masamarte.  So, I was in Satipo today, and we had the opportunity to give the sacrament and a small talk and musical time with the sister in our ward who cannot leave her house because of her health.  It was a wonderful experience....Sometimes there are just some things that you just cannot explain with words, and this is one of them...
Elder Holmes
Satipo-Masamarte [Mazamari, take the time to look them up on Google, very beautiful but also very humble and rural areas.]