Monday, January 5, 2015

Week in Review Dec 29, 2014 - Jan 4, 2015

Satipo, Peru (From Google Images)
Hello family, friends, and whoever else reads this!

So, As I have been saying I knew there was a transfer of missionaries coming up, but was pretty darn sure that it was my companion that was getting transfered... Well... I was wrong.  I got transfered!  But like I said, I wasn't going to be crying about this one... [The funny thing is his mom, that would be ME, was telling him, even in his last letter, that he was going to be transfered and it was going to be in the Jungle. Mom's just know. lol]

Welcome to the Jungle, We have fun and Games! I am now in Satipo, Peru - Jungle Territory! [Just a fun side note when I did some digging around. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones goes into a ancient booby-trapped temple to get the golden idol. It is in Peru. And his guides name is Satipo. Google search it for more info. But I thought that was some fun trivia. I will need to send that to Andrew. If you search in Google Images Satipo, Peru, there are some beautiful pictures of that part of the country.]  I guess paradise has its disadvantages though, the Internet here is beyond painful, and I do not believe that at this current Internet location I will be able to send photos... It is that slow.  So, text will have to do while I am here.  I am just glad that I was able to Skype BEFORE I got here!

So, the day before transfers my old companion and I were visiting all the families basically saying that Elder Chapeton se va.  That he was out of there.  I didn't really say any goodbyes because I was sure that I was staying!  I was wrong!  Come about 8:30am and we get the call that Elder Holmes is going to Satipo, Peru where he will meet his new companion Elder Mamani (From Chile), and travel during the New Year. Woo hoo!  I know it might not be glamorous to start off the new year this way, but I love it! Traveling to the Jungle, In Peru, where I will spend the next Entire Year in this country?  Awesome right!?!?!?!

Basically a bit about my companion. His name is Elder Mamani, he is from Chile, and is just a few years older than I am. Sometimes I think he gets trunky, but If he wasn't a bit, I would be worried too... he only has like 3 transfers left... He is also my District Leader, so I am learning form that as well... Hey.. President Henderson... So far both of My companions have been District Leaders, and my current companion has been here for a long time too.... What are you thinking? Hehehehehe....

Anyways, the Pension [His cook, in case your forgot. lol] here is great, and my companion had the desire to make me laugh by telling the Pension (Hna. Julia) Pronounced Who-lia that I was complaining that I was hungry in the street today... Something I know NOT TO say around the Peruvians because they will feed you without mercy.  So, off my Pension went to work.  You are now speaking to one of the 3 North Americans in Satipo, that is eating more because my pension thinks I am always hungry. I'm going to get so fat here.

A side note for that... I have learned that by experience here in Peru to eat at the same pace as the others at your table, so you don't have to get seconds of a specific part of the dish (which in reality they just double everything again, which is why I am afraid, it is good food, but I cannot always handle that much MORE food!).. Anyways... I was eating at the same pace as my companion Elder Mamani right?  So, the Pension looks at me and tells me "Ud come su comida como un gato!!"  Basically, she told me I eat like a cat... so from that point on, I sped up... Another Bad decision, that coupled with the fact that my companion joked saying I am always hungry....I am eating SO MUCH now.... Exercises here I come!

It's a good time for me to be here in the Jungle because it is *winter time* here so there is a bunch of rain, and less of the sun that beats down on you like an African drum.  It's Hot.  Bugs and insects, there are a bunch of different kinds yes, but no real mosquito's that are bugging me, and I am totally ok with that!

All in all it is good here, we are opening a new Area called Satipo 3 which is a division of the City of Satipo which was originally only 4 missionaries with free reigns to visit all of the city. Now, we are divided as 6 missionaries with each group and their own area to work more efficiently.  There is one Ward for all of this, and one Family Group which we visit via Moto taxi 2 times a week because of its distance from our house.

I received letters from Home, Dear Elders, the Washburn's Letter, and the Bishoprics the other week. Still haven't received the packages with retainer [Andrew put in a request for his retainer, go figure....] or others that you have mentioned. I will keep you updated on that.

So, I'm in the Jungle, it is humid and hot at times, but right now it is pretty darn beautiful. Don't have the ability at the moment to send photos, but I can view them if you send them.

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Satipo, Peru