Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Here and Alive!

[This was Andrew's first email as he arrived at the MTC or as it is called there CCM. I also found out that he arrived about 2am at the CCM. I will be editing his posts as needed, either to clarify or to share his mom's point of view. lol]]

I'm at the Peru MTC and all is well!!!  I have my companion, his name is Elder Bell, and so far Spanish is already necessary.  The flight from Atlanta to Peru was quite possibly one of the worst trips I have ever taken, it was long, and hot, and I just couldn't move.  Dinner on the plane was good, it was some sort of mexican dish, but hey, that is what I will be doing for the next while.

Oh, my caps might be a bit off, the shift is next to a different key making it harder to type.  [That is why mom is editing his blog's where necessary]

All in all its pretty good here, I do have my luggage, there was an issue where some of it was missing, but I was able to find it in time before we left the airport.  Yea!!!  

I will probabably send you guys a new email next week as I believe my P-Day is on Monday.

Tell Jennifer That I love her, and the rest of you guys and hope the best for you all.

I have to go, but wanted to also tell you that i just got my mission name tag.  I am now Officially Elder Holmes, which is awesome.  Breakfast was ok, they served a type of oatmeal in a cup... That was new and different...

Humid here in Lima, there is a constant layer of [fog] but we all thing it is smog, because it doesn't smell good.

Send you another email next week!
Elder Holmes