Monday, July 7, 2014

What else do I need to know?

As I am now under the 50 Day Countdown, there is no longer the mentality of "oh, I will just take care of that later..." Guess what? It is later, and I have a bunch of stuff to do!

Vaccinations are to start! I have been informed that i will be getting the Yellow Fever Vaccination this week, as well as the Typhoid Vaccination. So Exciting to know that these are some of the lovely strains found in Peru!

I also just received an Email from the Mission Presidents in Huancayo Peru. My Mission Presidents are President David Y. Henderson and Sister Paula J. Henderson. From what I can see, they are super outgoing individuals that love to find ways to make things work in another country. And even better for us down there, our Mission President David Henderson is a Doctor! Hallelujah! If something were to happen, he will know what to do! Anyways, I digress... This is some of the fun stuff I found out from the email they sent me regarding what some of the conditions are there... Not to bad as far as I am concerned, but hey.... I am so excited for the challenge of finding ways to make things work on a shoestring budget in a foreign country!

*The following is quoted from the email I received, as I found it with some very informative information!

The Perú Huancayo Mission was established 1 July 2013, from a division of the Perú Lima East Mission, and encompasses the more mountainous portion of that former Mission in the central Peruvian highlands. As such, it has the greatest range of altitude of any Mission in the world, from 1,692 feet (515 meters) to 14,400 feet (4,389 meters), and the highest Stake Center, at that altitude.* The weather in the Mission ranges from sub-tropical warmth to mountain coolness, with a dry and rainy season, and even occasional snow in the highest areas.

One of the Largest Mines in the world,
located at Cerro de Pasco which is at 14,000 Ft.

Only six of the twelve zones in the Perú Huancayo mission are warm. The cooler temperatures range from 25 - 35F (-4 – 2C) in the morning to 50 - 65F (10 – 18C) during the day. When the sun shines, it can be quite pleasant. It is always chilly at night, except in the two zones in the jungle.

None of the chapels or any buildings have heat. You will have hot water in your shower and space heaters in the coldest areas for study and planning time.

*A State Center is a Larger Congregation Building where Large Area Meetings are held, conferences, etc...
Obviously I am not acclimated to the possibilities of either a 14,400 Ft Mountain or the Jungle Land either, but I feel that just living in the Mountains up here, I am almost halfway there with the altitude, and I feel pretty comfortable with the temperatures.

I am beyond excited for the next two years of my life, as I will not only be able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but serve others in the process. If you have any questions on any aspect of my Mission, feel free to email me anytime!