Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Bought What?

Inca Kola and Antichuchos (Beef Hearts).  Yum Right?
So. Foreign Country, New Language, and totally new lifestyle.  What am I supposed to expect?  Personally I am still asking that question, but I have put together a bit of what I have learned from co-workers, the internet (Hallelujah for the Internet,) and of Course.. Wikipedia.  Of course the first thing that I have learned is that Peru is a melting pot as far as its influences on food.

They have their version of Coca - Cola (Bubble Gum Flavor, Not sure how I will like that), as well as Anticuchos  which is BBQ Beef Hearts.  Yum.  My Mouth is watering. (Insert Sarcasm) My Mom and I will be however, visiting El Rico Pollo which is a local Peruvian Restaurant that from what we hear from others is quite authentic for America. So I guess we will have to try that!  I have also learned that they have an abundance of Fresh Fruits due to the climate, as well as an unhealthy supply of peppers.  Of all types.  I only like flavors like
Underground Meat Cooking Similar to this.
that with my Chick-Fil-A Sauce, but I fell that US/Peru Customs will not allow me to bring that with me on the plane.  Nor will it fit in my allotted 90 lbs for the next 2 Years.  But one cool thing about the food is that they love meat.  AMEN to that.  Underground Pressure Heat Cooking is a technique they use which is similar to the Tongan-Hawaiian technique used to cook their meats underground during the day.  It is a strenuous process, but I cannot wait to taste it!  

Now that we have discussed the food, on to other topics!  I have been told that I will not have super reliable power - batteries are super expensive, personal small devices might be difficult to charge, etc...  No problem for me!  Solar Power to the Rescue!  As a Missionary I will not need electricity for many things, but those that I do have, I have come up with a solution!
I do have a few devices I wish to bring with me, one of which is a UV Water Filter from the CamelBak Brand.  I have attached a link if you seem a bit sketched out by a "light" purifying the water.  To Clarify in short.  The UV light is emitting a certain spectrum of Light Waves that essentially KILLS the bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts.
Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack Attachment (Charges Phones, Flashlights, Tablets, And my Camelbak UV Water Filter) - Won't wear it in Peru, but place it in a window at my home...
◙2 Liter Camelbak Bladder for all day water
◙Camelbak UV Water Filter (UV Wavelength kills Bacteria,Viruses, and Protozoan Cysts at a 99.999%)
◙Sawyer Physical Contaminant Water Filter attached to my Camelbak Water Bladder for as drinking filtering

◙Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight - Flashlight can be charged via Sun, Crank, or USB. Can also recharge something else via its USB.

It might seem like overkill, but this is the future!  With this setup, I will NEVER have to purchase any batteries on my 2 Year Mission, as well I will always have a charged up flashlight, and water filters to take out all those fun "floaties" in the water!  Yea!
*Update* I have used the UV Water Filter in the San Jacinto Wilderness as the main supplier for Filtered Water.  And Guess what!  I did not lose bowel functions, nor did I die from weird things that possibly survived the UV, because the UV Did its job!  Yea`

So these are my adventures thus far in preparing for Peru.  Batteries, Food, and Water Filters.  But Hey, you have to start somewhere!